Month: July 2013

Saturday is Caption Day

Mammasaurus - Saturday is Caption Day!

We had Claire Bear staying with us through the week.
As a treat I bought the sproglets some decorate your own gingerbread men. And these were the results!
It was much to Mini Man’s disgust that I asked if he would share with me.
Needless to say I did not get a bite!
Wee monkey.


Join in the fun with Mammasaurus and co. Just give the pic a wee click :).


Little Chefs – Choc Chip Cookies


Makes 12 cookies

100g caster sugar
100g butter
1 egg
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
175g plain flour
175g milk, white or plain Chocolate chips (we used a mixture of milk and white)

Heat oven to 180oc/gas 4.

Grease 2 baking trays. Turn on your oven.
Place caster sugar and butter into a large mixing bowl. Stir well with a wooden spoon.
Keep on stirring, quite briskly. You need to get the mixture as smooth and creamy as you can.
Break the egg in a small bowl and beat.
Pour in the vanilla and mix in with the egg.
Pour your egg mix into the bowl and stir well. Sift in the flour and combine.
Once the mix is smooth, stir in the chocolate chips.
Place heaped tablespoons of the mix into the baking sheets.
Flatten each cookie slightly with the back of a fork.
Bake the cookies for 10-15 until they are golden brown.
They should be slightly soft in the middle.
Leave cookies for a few minutes, then place on a cooling rack to cool.

Enjoy 🙂

These biscuits will keep for 5 days in an airtight container


My Cooking Antics

I don’t know about all you lot out there, but when I am knee deep in conjuring up food, sometimes most the time, I leave a trail behind me!
This mainly happens when I am in “the zone”, usually when the Mini People are at granny’s or in bed.

Although, once finished, my kitchen can look as though a bomb has hit it, once the cooking is done you can’t beat a good clean down. It has to be done.

My best friend in the kitchen is the dishwasher, not the Mr, although he’s not too bad at doing the dishes. But the plug in the wall kind.
John Lewis have a great selection and I have fell in love with a couple on their site, it’s just convincing the Mr that we could do with a new one!
Take a look on the John Lewis site. (The black Smeg is my favourite!)

The second important part is the wipe down of surfaces etc.
I don’t know about you lot but when I’m cooking sauces etc, especially tomato, I get it everywhere! I think this is because my kitchen units are white.
So these need to be wiped down quickly before it gets all sticky.
Every couple of weeks I do a bleach clean of the kitchen.

As you may have noticed, the kitchen is my favourite room in the house!
I would forever be in there if I could, it’s my sanctuary, and a clean kitchen is (hygienic!) necessary.

I also regularly sort out my cupboards, ingredients and tools.
Ok, ok, I’ll stop now as I am beginning to sound a bit Controlling of the kitchen. I am but sshhh 😉

Do you have regular kitchen cleaning antics?
Or have any fabulous tips to share?
Let me know 🙂

This is a sponsored post

SodaStream Night Spirit – The Review


When you think back to your younger years, I will guarantee one thing you will remember is the SodaStream!
Whether you had one or really really wanted one. They were one of the most sought after products in the 90’s (my era).

We were lucky enough to be sent the gorgeous Red Night Spirit to review.
And boy was I excited by this! Not only getting to relive, some, of my youth, but we can now make cocktails with it. Mmmmm how I love a cocktail!

Back to the SodaStream….
I couldn’t believe how compact the machine is. It is lovely and slimline and will fit in anyone’s kitchen.
I remember it being big and chunky when I was younger, and I don’t remember them looking as good.
When making drinks, it was so easy. Most of the time I let the Mini Man and Little Lady help make our choice of fizz for the day.
Cherry is the favourite here.
I am not too keen on cherryade, but this one wasn’t as sickly as the ones on sale in the shops.
We all enjoyed a glass of that in the sunshine


The SodaStream is so simple to use, I have been getting my Mini Man and Little Lady to do most the work!
Full your bottle up to the line.
Attach to the drinks maker and carbonate, the mini’s favourite part.
Add syrup and shake up.
Bob’s your uncle!

SodaStream have also brought out new Cocktail syrups, *drools.
There are 3 syrups available – Mojito, Margarita and Cosmopolitan.
These are all on my shopping list! As mentioned earlier, keep your eyes peeled for a future blog post on these.

One of my favourite aspects of the SodaStream is that it helps me with my budget.
Each bottle of syrup makes 12 litres of juice and the syrup is only £3.49. Compare this to the average of roughly £1.50 for 2 litres of fizzy in the shops and you know you’re onto a winner with this.

We also tried out the new My Water, flavoured essence.
I liked this, as I love flavoured water. My only problem was I had to use more than the bottle stated. This could just be my taste, as I like quite a good flavour instead of a subtle touch.


All in all, the Night Spirit went down well in our house.
The Mini’s love making their own juice, I am loving that we aren’t spending a lot on juice anymore and that I can make cocktails 😉 and the Mr loved his Cream Soda. His words – not as sickly as previous ones he has tried.

At £69.99, the machine isn’t too expensive and the pennies you will save by switching to this from bottled fizz is fab!
Have a closer look at the Night Spirit here you won’t regret it!

We were sent the Night Spirit for the purpose of this review.
All our opinions are of our own

The Holibags are Done

Well, that’s our holidays for this year over and done with 😦

We are just back from a fun filled and sunny week down south.
Started off with a few days in Birmingham at my dads, a couple of days in sunny Somerset at grandads and ended with a quick stopover in Lymm at my sisters.

We all had a ball whilst away, wish I was still there as I miss my family a lot. But there is always cheeky wee weekends in between the next long visit :).

And now it’s back to normal on the blog front, got a fair few posts to get out this week so bear with me. I expect tonight will be a caffeine fuelled night of writing. Love it!

Here’s a few snaps from our week away.



Saturday is Caption Day – 6 July

Mammasaurus - Saturday is Caption Day!

I had a fantastic day out on Wednesday to see the amazing Bon Jovi *swoon.
He was sublime, the band was sublime. It was all just, well, sublime really.

Myself, my friend who we will call Cedric and her mum went along and my wonderful Mr picked us up at the end of the night.

My feet hurt, my throat hurt, I had a few ciders ;), as you do.
All in all it was a great day/night out.