Month: March 2013

Saturday Caption



I finally got some peace after a manic morning of Gruffalo hunting.
The monsters had their Easter art work to colour in along with some snacks, gruffalo hunters need to keep their energy up.

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Jolly Logan Sheep Range by NICI

We were lucky enough to be spent a wonderful package from NICI UK to review.
In the package we received a Jolly Logan stuffed toy, money tin, notepad and shoulder bag.

As soon as I had opened the package to fighting had begun! My two monsters wanted it all and didn’t want to share. Junior (4) worked it out that he should have the first shot as he is the oldest. Lolly didn’t agree, once I have her the bag she had changed her mind.


Junior loved the stuffed toy, I don’t blame him as he is so soft. And we love the idea behind him. He is a sheep with a wolf coat and hood. He goes everywhere with him.


Lolly wouldn’t let me take her photo with the bag as she said I would steal it! The cheeky little monster.
The bag is as soft as the Jolly Logan stuffed toy. I couldn’t stop feeling it for a moment!

The notepad is a great wee thing and fits perfectly into the bag. It’s coming up for Juniors birthday and we will be using these for his thank you notes.



The money tin came with a little padlock and two keys. I told the monsters this was to keep their money safe and that I keep the keys.
We are going on holiday soon and we have all been putting some extra pennies in. Whatever is in there by the time we go will be their spending money.

NICI is available to buy at many local retailers and online at these retailers:

A big thank you to NICI for sending these wonderful items.
The favourite item has to be the Jolly Logan stuffed toy, so so soft. Love it!
I would recommend these products to everyone.

Find NICI on Facebook and on Twitter these are the places to be so you are kept up to date with their latest news.

Is it me??

Over the last week or so, I have noticed a change in my mini man.
A change that isn’t so good.

His attitude is terrible, and he can get so angry that he can be aggressive.
Not with anyone in particular, just whoever or whatever is in his way.

Even as I write this post, I can feel the lump in my throat growing bigger and bigger.
I feel that it’s my fault, it must be mustn’t it?

Just today I have him a row for kicking Lolly. His answer was because she was playing with a toy he wanted.
When we “had words” he lashed out by throwing a heavy abacus several times, beating his hands off the ground, throwing jigsaw boxes, the list goes on and on.
At worst he has tried to headbutt me, he has kicked and punched.

Is it me?
Am I doing something wrong??
And you know, I’m not sure anymore and I’m starting to think I’m not the best mum I could be.
If not, why would he be acting like this. It must be me.

I can’t comprehend with it.
I do my best for them, treat them equally, would literally do anything for them. So where am I going wrong?

He’s not a massively bad behaved mini man but its been the last 7-10 days where the behaviour has worsened and its starting to get me down.

I just don’t know what to do sometimes.

Sorry for the not so happy post, but had to get it off my chest.

XLS Medical Review


I have taken on the weight loss challenge, to get my wedding body on.
I am doing this with a mixture of healthy eating, attending gym and not trying not to have too much wine.

I was asked if I would like to aid my weight loss with the UK’s No 1 weight loss tablet XLS Medical.

After reading into it, side effects etc (there weren’t any known when Myself and other bloggers were given them to review) I decided to go ahead and give them a bash.
I am a woman who needs to lose weight. I will take any extra help I can 😉

The tablets are simple to – Take 2 with a drink after each meal. 3 if its a high fat meal. The maximum you can take in one day is 6.

The one thing I liked about these is that they are naturally derived and don’t interfere with your body’s natural workings. Perfect!

I am going to do the review in 3 stages. This is due to being given 3 month supply of XLS Medical and thought the best way I can do it is in monthly stages.

This first month I have been a little bit lazy (and piggish, if that’s a word!) on the healthy eating front. There have been some days where all I have wanted is junk food. Crisps, dips and nuts, especially cashews mmmm, are my downfall. And there was one week I didn’t lose any weight, didn’t put on though. Just stayed the same. And I put that down to taking XLS medical. I really think, had I not been taking these I would have put on weight for sure.
My other weigh ins I have lost 2-3lb and that’s not cutting back just eating normally and a couple sessions at the gym.

In the last 30 days I have lost 9lbs. Go me 🙂 and that’s including the week I stayed the same.

I know what you are thinking? How does this work then? Here’s the answer:

XLS Medical Fat Binder reduces the absorption of dietary fat by interacting with the fat to form a viscous fat-fibre complex too large to pass through the wall of the small intestine.
This fat-fibre complex is eliminated naturally from the body in the stools, when you go to the toilet. You shouldn’t notice any difference to your usual bowel movements, although you need to drink enough water to prevent becoming constipated.

That’s the science part behind it.
If you want to lose those extra pounds What have you got to lose? (Excuse the pun!)

If you are any of the below, then you are not able to take these supplements:
Are pregnant or likely to become pregnant
Are breastfeeding
Have a BMI of less than 18.5
Eat liver or liver products once a week, with other products containing retinol (as XLS-Medical also contains vitamin A as retinol)
Are at risk of osteoporosis (post-menopausal women and older people)

If you have any underlying health problems, cholesterol, etc, please seek medical advice from your GP before taking these.

I will update you in another 30 days with more progress 🙂

If you would like anymore information visit XLS Medical

I have been given a 3 month supply of XLS fat binder for reviewing. All opinions are of my own

Meal Planning Monday


I can’t believe we are in the last week of March!
The weeks are flying by.

This weeks meal plan is a mix of Rosemary Connolly and my own recipes.

We are still on a budget, as many of us are, and by having a weekly meal plan I have noticed we are saving money and time.
I work out my meal plan on the Saturday, for the following week, and do my shop on the Sunday.
Because I am not walking around the supermarket wondering what to have for dinner, I have my list and I stick to it. Which is sometimes hard! I used to pick up bargains because they were bargains not because I needed them!

Here’s this weeks meals:

Chicken, leek and tomato risotto. This is a first time for me. Hope it tastes as good as it sounds.

Gammon steak, poached egg and roast potatoes.
A simple classic.

Smoked haddock fish cakes.
Homemade of course 🙂

Herby meatloaf
Everyone loves this!


Homemade pizza
It’s the mini mans birthday on the Sunday and his wee pals are coming round to make pizza

Mini mans birthday. Going to do a nice family roast.

As always, will blog recipe once we have made it.

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