My Cooking Antics

I don’t know about all you lot out there, but when I am knee deep in conjuring up food, sometimes most the time, I leave a trail behind me!
This mainly happens when I am in “the zone”, usually when the Mini People are at granny’s or in bed.

Although, once finished, my kitchen can look as though a bomb has hit it, once the cooking is done you can’t beat a good clean down. It has to be done.

My best friend in the kitchen is the dishwasher, not the Mr, although he’s not too bad at doing the dishes. But the plug in the wall kind.
John Lewis have a great selection and I have fell in love with a couple on their site, it’s just convincing the Mr that we could do with a new one!
Take a look on the John Lewis site. (The black Smeg is my favourite!)

The second important part is the wipe down of surfaces etc.
I don’t know about you lot but when I’m cooking sauces etc, especially tomato, I get it everywhere! I think this is because my kitchen units are white.
So these need to be wiped down quickly before it gets all sticky.
Every couple of weeks I do a bleach clean of the kitchen.

As you may have noticed, the kitchen is my favourite room in the house!
I would forever be in there if I could, it’s my sanctuary, and a clean kitchen is (hygienic!) necessary.

I also regularly sort out my cupboards, ingredients and tools.
Ok, ok, I’ll stop now as I am beginning to sound a bit Controlling of the kitchen. I am but sshhh 😉

Do you have regular kitchen cleaning antics?
Or have any fabulous tips to share?
Let me know 🙂

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