Month: June 2013

Saturday Caption


On Tuesday I was so pleased to be offered a last minute ticket to see therm that are – Olly Murs and Robbie Williams – at Hampden.
I was grinning for ear to ear :).
The concert was amazing! My first ever Robbie one, and I will definitely be seeing him again!
As you can see I got really close to him 😉


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Saturday Caption 22 June 2013


Just the other day I was having a right old clear out of all the “junk” that’s collected itself in my house. I left the monsters playing outside in the garden and the Dougal dog lying in the sun.
When all of a sudden I hear a roar from the mini man. “Mummy, muuuuuummmmmyyy! Look at my puppy dog. Quick come and look at him”.
I wasn’t sure what was happening, it did go through my head, what the hell have they done to him!
I was right to question that, nothing bad but then in Dougals eyes it was good either!


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