Month: January 2013

Me and Mr Hollywood


Aaah Mr Hollywood. He has it all. The baking skills, those eyes!
And what do I have?? His book.

The two of us are going to have several dates over the next wee while.
Starting with his basic white bread.

I have made bread before, with, ahem, the help of a bread maker. So it was time to make it without the machine and with my fair hands.
It was a lot simpler than I imagined and didn’t take near enough as long as what a bread maker takes!

All I had to do was get the ingredients together (strong flour, yeast, butter, salt and water), follow the instructions. And Mary’s your auntie, see what I done there 😉

dough all mixed and ready to cook

The recipe states that you have to leave the dough in a bowl, tea towel over top, for an hour or so.
I remember doing this with my dad when making pizza dough.
I put it in my airing cupboard at the top of the stairs to let the warmth help the yeast rise.

I waited just over an hour before removing it as bringing it back to my kitchen.
I then gave it a quick kneading to knock the air out and popped it into my loaf tin.
And here’s the smart part. While my bread maker takes at least 4 1/2 hours. My Hollywood bread only took 30 mins to cook.
I’d say, all in all 2 hours to make.


So pass me the lurpak while the breads still warm. Amazing!

Thanks Mr H. See you again soon.



Meal Planning Monday – 28 Jan 2013


I will let you all in on a little secret ;). Last weeks meal didn’t go, well to plan.
We had an incident in our kitchen Wednesday morning, involving a tesco toaster and a kitchen fire! (Will blog about this through the week!)
So the second half of the week consisted of a take away, and easy oven food.

This week I am looking in my freezer for quick and easy meals to plonk in my oven, to be ready when the oven beeps at me.
I’m not one for ready meals, so most of the food has been left overs I have frozen!

Chipotle Pork and potato bake

Beef chilli and rice

Some sort of soup

Cheese and bacon quesadillas

I am doing a Pampered Chef show so it will be something quick.

Not sure about weekend plans as yet. Hopefully my new kitchen will be getting fitted!

Thanks to Mrs M for hosting the Meal Plan. Pop on over and have a look


Heat Holders – The Review

Socks?? I hear you say.
A review on socks??
Why yes. But these aren’t just any socks. These are heat holders. The Ferrari of all socks.


If you are braving the weather we are, up in Scotland, and I think we all are. These are the socks for you.

In the past I have bought thermal socks and in the midst of a cold, welly wearing, evening walking the dog, I’ve thought to myself, why did I even bother? As they didn’t warm my feet in the slightest.
But these bad boys, well what can I say? My feet were toasty warm, not a cold toe in sight.


They come up mid calf so perfect welly height.
Mr N wasn’t beat pleased, as the monsters handed him the socks when they arrived and said for you daddy. Until I swiftly removed them from his vice grip hands. I did let him try one in for a whole 5 minutes and he was impressed. I am forever buying him thermal socks as he works outside a lot of the time. I am going to have to invest in a pair or two if these for him.

Our weather in chilly Edinburgh

Overall I think these are fantastic and well worth the money, you can get them from Matalan for £6.
I noticed the thickness of the socks straight away and couldn’t believe how soft they were inside.

The soft inside of the socks

Now for the technical part 😉

The socks work in a 3 stage process:

1. Extra heavy bulky yarn, that has excellent thermal qualities
2. Long pile cushioning, adds comfort and support, which is a major factor in increasing the toy rating.
3. Intense brushing process, inside of the socks have been intensively brushed and holds more warm air close to the skin. Keeping feet warmer for longer.

So it’s all win.
We got sent a pair of black Heat Holders, they are available in a range of colours, including pink.

I was sent a pair of black Heat Holders for the purpose of this review.
All opinions are my own

White Chocolate Chip Cookies

We do love a good days baking.
And today we decided to make some cookies.
I raided the cupboard to see what I had and found a tub of white chocolate chips. Perfect.

We mixed together our ingredients (will put recipe at bottom, it’s so easy) and the monsters picked the star cutter.


Once all our stars had been cut, I popped them into my Pampered Chef round stone and placed in the oven.
They don’t take long to cook, 15-20 minutes.


Now this is the part I hate. Leaving then to cool.
It’s the cookie aroma. Makes me want to dig right in and come on, who doesn’t like warm cookies straight from the oven.


If you want to give them a bash, here’s the recipe.

50g caster sugar
100g butter
150g self raising flour
1 pack White Choc chips (or any other filling you fancy)

Preheat oven to gas mark 3/170c.
Line a baking tray with grease proof paper.
Cream together sugar and butter until light and fluffy.
Add flour in gradually until the mixtures forms into a dough.

Add the chocolate chips and mix well into the dough. Dust a work surface with a little flour and roll out the dough.
Using a cutter, cut out your cookies and place on the lined tray, making sure there is room for them to spread while cooking.

Cook for 15-20 mind, until golden. Leave to cook on the tray for 5 mins then move onto a cooling rack.

Enjoy x

Traybake Tuesday

I’m sure most of you know I love to bake. In fact I love to just cook.

I’m thinking of starting up a regular on feature on here and as you’ve probably guessed, it’s to do with baking.

What I am looking for now is your recipes and pictures if you have any of your favourite bake and I will feature it in the blog where possible.
If you would like to be involved, send a little email to and I will take it from there.


*scurries away to find some recipes or next week.

Meal Planning Monday – 21 January

We missed last weeks Meal Plan, as I was bogged down with a sickness bug and didn’t do much eating!  The monsters have though, and the amount they have eaten this week I have they have done the eating for me.  I am in shock at the amount they have filled their little boots with.  Growth spurt I thinks!

This weeks Meal Plan is coming to you from Rosemary Conley’s Low Fat Cookbook.  This was a random pick from my freind Jo, over at mummysknee.  Sent her a text telling her to pick from 1-10, as I couldnt decide what one to cook from!

As normal, they recipes are adapted to suit my Slimming World plan.

Monday – Cottage Pie with Leek and Potato topping

Tuesday – Chicken Korma and rice.  From what I remember the last time I made this, it was a winner

Wednesday – Smoked Ham and Chicken Jambalaya.  Its meant to be prawns, but I am not too keen on them, so have swapped it for chicken

Thursday – Herby Meat Loaf

Friday – Smoked Haddock and Corn Chowder.  Made with delicious, fresh fish from John at Delish Fish

Saturday – Going to have a relaxed dinner of Chicken Fajitas, not in the RC cookbook!

Sunday – We are having the Mr’s mum and dad down for dinner so going to do a fab Pampered Chef recipe – Haggis Ring.  Not tried it before and really looking forward to it!

Once again thank you to Mrs M for hosting the Meal Plan Monday, pop on over and see what she has cooking, and don’t forget to tell her where you came from.

Delish fish, provide a fab service of freshly caught fish to your door, you won’t get fresher!  If you are popping on over, let me know where you heard about them.



Confessions of a Not so Mad Mummy

This week you’ll notice the change of title and that’s because for some weirdly unusual reason, my monsters (mainly the eldest) have been quite helpful this week!
I know, seems wrong doesn’t it!

I have been fairly unwell this week, struck down with a sickness bug 😦 since Sunday, and it’s still sticking around. Showing no signs of going anywhere.
My mini man has been a great wee help. I put Lolly down for a nap in Monday and asked Junior if he wanted to cuddle in and play. He said play, naturally but then he gave me a cuddle told me to get cosy and that he would check on me. And that he did.
He checked on me 3 times in a couple of hours. Each time giving me a kiss and cuddle and telling me to cosy in and keep warm.
He’s my wee superstar.

Lolly, on the other hand, as taken over chief monster role this week. And done everything she possible could to drive me batty. Ranging from breaking into my kitchen cupboard and eating sweets, eating my slimming world snacks, eating toothpaste, to name but a few.
But Lolly knows her get out clause, that’s to give you a huge great grin, flutter her great big eyelashes (they are huge and I’m just jealous) and point to her eye, her chest then me. Saying as she goes “I. Love. You. ”
She’s a smart wee cookie, they Both are.

And that is why I am a not so mad mummy this week.