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Warm Hake and Rigatoni Pasta

This dinner was absolutely fantastic!
I’m a newbie to the recipe and to the fish used, Hake. And I can safely say I will definitely be using both again soon!
The Mr can be quite fussy with new foods and his plate was cleared!
There was enough left over for lunch the next day, that’s me a happy bunny!


The recipe is really simple and takes a whole 15 minutes to cook.
So perfect if you’re short of time.

It fills you up as its pasta based but also light enough that you’re not feeling like your fit to burst after it. (Unless you eat the whole pan, which is tempting)


Like I said it was my first time having hake. And it was really good. I am normally a haddock or cod kind of girl. But since I have had a delivery of fish from Delish Fish it has broadened my fish horizons.


For my fellow SW members this recipe is syn free on extra easy. An can be found in their Extra Easy Meals in Minutes cookbook or online.

Here is the Mr’s plate after.


For details on your local slimming world class or to do a recipe search head to their website

For some fabulous fresh and tasty fish at great prices go and visit Delish Fish and tell them who sent you when ordering 🙂


Weigh In – Slimming World

Monday night is weigh in at my local Slimming World.
I joined Slimming World for a couple of reasons. To slim down for my wedding, to be healthier and to not be an overweight mummy that couldn’t do much with the monsters as I would tire easily.


So far I have lost 1 stone 7lb and want to lose another 3 stone.
I have lost a good few inches, I couldn’t tell you how many as I haven’t properly measured myself, but I am in a dress size smaller 🙂

Below is what 1lb of fat looks like. Yuk!
To think I was carrying an extra 21 of those around!


To me Slimming World is perfect. I can eat anything, nothing is out of bounds. The only food I have to weigh is cereal and cheese if I’m having any of those.
I am allowed between 5-15 syns a day. Give you a rough idea a curly wurly is 6 syns.

The general rule within SW is that 1/3 of your plate have super free foods. These are fruit, veg and salads.
These foods are there to fill you up. So you aren’t reaching for the biscuit tin etc after dinner.


If you’re interested in joining go to Slimming World and find your nearest group

Slimming World Breakfast quiche


Yesterday I didn’t have much time for lunch, as had been working in the morning (I’m a Saturday/Sunday girl) so thought I would make something quick and simple.
And as I’m on the Slimming World diet, the breakfast quiche was perfect.

It’s so easy to make and really tasty. It’s a hit with the mr and with the monsters.

You use sausage meat for the base instead of pastry making it low syn or syn free.
I use Joe’s sausages, sausage meat as it is syn free.
For the egg mixture, it’s basically 2-3 eggs mixed with low fat cottage cheese, whisked until smooth, and then whatever filling takes your fancy.
This one had bacon, red onion, tomatoes and mushrooms.

Joe’s Sausages
If ordering tell then I sent you 😉

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