Month: May 2013

Saturday is Caption Day


We went to a fantastic day out on Monday at a local country park, Vogrie. They had on a Bookbug Adventure, through the local libraries, it’s a scheme that encourages youngsters to read more and I think it’s fab.
Walking around the grounds to all the different things to do etc, my Mini Man was there one minute, and the next he had transformed (and would not answer to his name but only to Spider-Man!)


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Bakerdays Review

Don’t you just love it when a cheeky treat comes through your letterbox?
I love it!
And that’s just what happened to me this week.
What was I sent? I was sent a fab cake.
Yes, yes, I said a cake!
Bakerdays are a fantastic company that can send you, friend or family member a cake in the post. They aren’t the biggest of cakes, or they wouldn’t fit through the letterbox, but boy are they tasty. They can also personalise it however you want, and do a fab range of flavours.
We were sent the Carrot cake.
All my friends know I am not a huge vegetable lover and Carrot cake is included in this. However, I ate a quarter of the cake and loved it! It was so moist and packed full of flavour.

Bakerdays send the cake in a fantastic metal tin and also include some goodies alongside, candles, balloons and even a cheeky packet of love hearts! Could they be any better?!


Wouldn’t you love to receive this in the post?!

Before I had even taken the cake out the tin, the monsters were all over it. I was told specifically to “share it” and Mini Man told me “I have to have 4 big bits because I’m 4″
Cheeky monkey.

My design was fantastic, I chose the wording to fit in with the blog, as I said before Bakerdays can personalise it however you want, photos, names, sayings, the lot.

I, reluctantly, shared the cake with the family and it went down a storm. All of them wanted seconds. Even Dougal the dog.
The only comment made was from the Mr. He said it tasted more like a ginger cake than a carrot cake. Although he did enjoy every mouthful.


So thank you Bakerdays for our lovely cake. We will be back for more cake soon.


We were sent a cake for the purpose of this review. All opinions are of our own.

1 Chicken, 3 Dinners

Im not sure if you have seen all these amazing posts about cooking a whole chicken and having 3 or more dinners out of it. I think it’s a fantastic idea, especially if you are trying to be a bit thrifty.

I decided I was going to do this, so on my shopping trip to Costco I picked up a cooked chicken.
I know what you’re thinking, lazy mare! In a way yes I am lol but when a cooked chicken is bigger and cheaper than a supermarket, uncooked chicken, then hell yeah I am buying that bird.

So first dinner was the obligatory Sunday roast. My god, I do love a good roast dinner with all the trimmings. You have to have them don’t you?
I stripped the chicken down, saved some meat and the 2 legs for our roast. Then put the rest in a tub for our second dinner.

Yes I can count 😉 , that makes 2 dinners, I still had the carcass.
That got chucked into a pot with carrots, leeks and seasoning. Simmered away for a couple of hours to make a tasty stock.
I will be using this for a nice homemade soup.

We had the leftover chicken tonight for dinner. I made a butter chicken (using Pataks sauce) mixed with onions and red pepper. It was lovely.
I had mine on a baked potato and the Mr had his with some veggie rice.

There you have it. I started with one whole roast chicken and I got – roast chicken dinner, butter chicken and chicken stock. Amazing!

I think some people have had more out of it 4 maybe 5 at a push.

Have you done this? How many meals did you get out of it?

Charity Shop Delights

Charity shops. Where to begin….

When I was younger, I used to hate it when my dad made me go into them. It was so embarrassing, and I always used to do a mad search in the crowds to make sure no one I knew was about.
If there was, I would hang about outside the shop, say my hellos and moan about my dad being in there.
Oh how things have changed!
I love a rummage in a charity shop. First place to hit – the books, to see if I can find a fantastic new cookery book to add to the collection.

The Little Lady came along with me last week for a cheeky little look and she loved it!
All I heard was “Ooo mummy, I’ll have this” “mummy, mummy, can I have this?” And bless her wee socks “mummy Michael would like this, lets get it”
Lolly’s purchases were all books – Pocahontas and Beauty and the Beast. She picked Jack and the Beanstalk for Michael. We got these at 29p per book. Bargain!

When I go into the charity shops I go straight for the cookery books, a girl can never have too many you know.
My bargains included Antonio Carluccio and a baking book, both for £3.75.
One happy me.

So what are you waiting for??
Head on over to your local charity shop and help them out and grab some bargains for yourself.

What’s been your best bargain?
Be sure to let me know

Meal Planning Monday 20 May


Aaah the meal plan is before us again.
Is it just me or do the weeks seem to be coming in quicker and quicker?
Look it’s almost nearly the end of May, and alas, still no sign of summer :(.

This weeks meal plan comes to you from the dark depths of my freezer.
It’s time I was whittling the food down so I can fill it with BBQ food ready for summer days, well I can live in hope.

Some of options aren’t going to be the healthiest, but I will be cutting the potion size down to, kind of, make up for that. And load my plate with veg or salad.

Here goes 🙂

Baked potato with cheese, tuna and salad.
Homemade chilli and rice.
Butter chicken (pataks sauce)
Pork chops (unsure of how I’m doing them yet)
Chicken and bacon lattice
Homemade steak pie
Chicken quarter pounders with salad

Like I said, it’s a proper freezer raid. And I’ll be a few steps closer to emptying the freezer 🙂

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