Days Out

Frugal Friday – Cinema Trips

As a parent, one of the most expensive areas, are family days out.
In the past, like many others, we have spent a small fortune on a day out.

I remember taking the Mini Man and Little Lady,  along with Mr N, to the cinema.
It was their first experience there, so we wanted to go the whole hog – 3D, popcorn, sweeties. 
We done this when Finding Nemo was brought back out, as the pair love this film.

So for 2 x adult tickets, 2 x children tickets, not forgetting it was in 3D, 2 x popcorn, 2 x large juice and 2 x bags of sweets, anyone want to hazard a guess??
It cost me £87 odds!
I nearly choked and that was before anyone popcorn went into my mouth.
There and then I decided that would be the last time I would pay full price for the cinema.

What do I do then?
We go to Movies for Juniors/Kids AM, whatever one is showing a film we would love to see.
The beauty of these sessions?  It only costs £1.35 each for a ticket.   Suits me fine, thank you very much.
They are on at weekends during term time, and most days during school holidays. (Your best bet is to check online and see if the sessions are on and what is showing)

Sweets.  What about the goodies? I hear you all say.
Well, it’s simple really,  and it was Aunt Kaak, who told me to do it.
We hit the shops such as,  B&M, poundies, etc and grab lots of goodies.  Rarely does it cost us more than a fiver.

So we have went down from £87 to £10.40

Do you go to the cinema? What are your cinema saving tips?
We would love to know.



Calling All Adventurers (and mummies/daddies)

Here at Follow my Line HQ, we have been invited to a Top secret event, hosted by the wonderful Ella’s Kitchen.
Alas, we cannot go, as this event is being held in London (hopefully you will have one in Edinburgh at some point)
I bet you can imagine how sad we are to miss this 😦

I can let you into a little secret though!
Are you in London on Wednesday 26th February?
Are you free between 10.30am and 1pm?

Well if you answered yes to these 2 questions,  read on my little Adventurers,  and don’t miss out!

Calling all adventurous little ones…

Baby and toddler food experts, Ella’s Kitchen, is creating a totally incredible, edible experience for little taste explorers to enjoy.

Created to celebrate the launch of the ‘my little BIG meals’ range, the super-secret taste adventure is designed to introduce little ones to a world of scrummy fruit and delicious veg, and features a whole host of fun things for little explorers to taste, touch, smell and discover.

The incredible edible event opens to the public at The Horniman Museum and Gardens, London on Wednesday 26th February from 10.30am – 1pm and is free of charge for parents and little ones to explore.

WHEN? Wednesday 26th February, 10.30am – 1pm

WHERE? The Horniman Museum and Gardens, Victorian Conservatory

ADDRESS: 100 London Road, Forest Hill, SE23 3PQ


Sounds exciting right?
Get along there and join in the fun.

Let us know how it is and be sure to have some fun for us.


Cancer Research Family Day at Hamilton Races

We love a family day out, and always make Sunday our family day.
What makes a family day better? When it’s for a great cause like Cancer Research UK.

We went to the Cancer Research UK family day at Hamilton Race course on Sunday.
It was a fantastic day and the weather was lovely too, thankfully.


The first stop were the shows, instructions from the Mini Man and Little Lady. I was pleased with the shows that were there, as were the kids. We had to drag them away to see the horse racing.


Once promised we would go back to the shows after seeing some of the horses, we eventually left with enough time to pita cheeky little bet on.
The Mini Man picked number 4, because he is 4 seemed a good enough reason. We then moved to the fence to await the race starting, all the while my pair were shouting on their chosen horse to win.

Lo and behold, we didn’t win the race. But did have fun spurring the horses on.


We went for a walk around the huge grounds, stopping for our burgers (which were not too bad) and myself and the Mr had a cheeky pint and wine 😉
After we were all fed and watered, there was only one thing for it. Back to the shows!
Our last stop was the ice cream cone stall. Amazing! Cost a small fortune (£2 a cone) but they were very good.


All in all it was a fantastic day out and we will be looking out for more events like this.
Check out Hamilton Race Course for details on their events.

We were given party package tickets for this post. All opinions and wording are of our own.

Volcano Exploring

On Monday, the first day of the Scottish half term. We went on your typical day out, that any nearly 4 year old monster would pick. And that is volcano exploring!
In mummy and daddy terms, Arthur’s Seat. An extinct volcano in Edinburgh.

panoramic view

It was a lovely sunny, albeit windy day. So we were all wrapped up cosy and warm and headed up to explore.
We took granny with us and met auntie Kaak and Claire bear there.
So off we went, picnics included on the climb to the top.


Granny took Junior and Claire bear right to the top. Lollys legs wouldn’t have made the last wee climb so we went off to find the perfect picnic spot.

Once granny and the gang came back we tucked into the picnics. Sandwiches, fruit and not forgetting the tomato soup. Every picnic on a windy or cold day needs tomato soup!

When it was time to go, we headed back to the little loch where we parked our cars and fed the swans and ducks.
It wouldn’t be like my little mob to have a day without any accidents, I was beginning to think a miracle had occurred as we hasn’t yet had one. Low and behold Lolly changes that. She slipped while feeding the swans. And got packed by one! Being as tough as she is, she didn’t even flinch! But now, and the day after, all that she spoke of was the naughty swan that bit her!

I would recommend a trip up Arthur’s seat to anyone, local or not. It’s a fantastic place to visit, it’s free! And the views are spectacular.


Bo’ness Car Museum

Every Sunday we try to have a family day.
This is normally the only day we can spend a full afternoon together due to working commitments between myself and The Mr.

A few Sundays ago, we decided to use a Groupon for the Bo’ness Motor Museum.
I’ve never been before, the Mr has, when he was a lot lot younger.


I was looking forward to going as they advertisements saying they had the original Bond cars along with the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car.
The monsters were really looking forward to it. Junior especially as he is like is dad, fascinated with cars.



It was a lot smaller than I expected.
The cars were packed into a couple of rooms and there wasn’t much space between them.


There were other famous film cars there, car from Harry Potter, the Jag from 51st State to name a couple.
Along with a few more Bond cars. And classic cars that hasn’t been in any films, at least I don’t think they had, I don’t tend to watch films for the cars unlike the Mr.

There was also a room upstairs, I say room, more the size of a small bedroom. This had signed books, costumes, outfits celebrities had worn. In my opinion I felt it quite tacky. As it seemed anything that was for sale with an autograph the owner had just bought.


The museum also had a soft play instead that is themed around the children’s film Monsters Inc.
Its not the best soft play we have been to (we have been to a fair few).
Junior and Lolly played for about 30-45 mins before getting bored, which is unusual for them.


The monsters enjoyed our day out there, myself, not so much.
I’m glad I bought the Groupon family ticket for £9 for the visit. As I don’t think it’s worth the normal £18.
Don’t get me wrong, the Mr enjoyed it and loved looking at all the famous cars, whereas I just wandered around as I am not a huge car fan.

For more information head to their page Bo’ness Motor Museum