Meal plan

Meal Planning Monday – 1st July 2013

Unbelievable. July the 1st already!
I cannot believe how fast time is going these days. And of course it means its just a year and 4 days until my wedding day 🙂

With purse strings tightening that little bit more I am going to completely run down my freezer and cupboards over the next few weeks. If any of you wonderful people know or have any cheap recipes send them my way or direct me to them ;).

Some of the recipes in this meal plan have came from the recipe book below (which I got from a local charity shop for 50p!)


Monday – chicken and sweet corn crepes (we have leftover chicken from our Sunday roast)

Tuesday – it’s our 9 year anniversary!! I will be heading to M&S for their two done for £10, hope they still do it!

Wednesday – I’m at the Bon Jovi concert at Hampden, dinner will be pub food.

Thursday – minced beef and potato pie

Friday – fish and chips

Saturday – cheese, potato and veg layer

Sunday – roast, unsure what yet

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Meal Planning Monday 20 May


Aaah the meal plan is before us again.
Is it just me or do the weeks seem to be coming in quicker and quicker?
Look it’s almost nearly the end of May, and alas, still no sign of summer :(.

This weeks meal plan comes to you from the dark depths of my freezer.
It’s time I was whittling the food down so I can fill it with BBQ food ready for summer days, well I can live in hope.

Some of options aren’t going to be the healthiest, but I will be cutting the potion size down to, kind of, make up for that. And load my plate with veg or salad.

Here goes 🙂

Baked potato with cheese, tuna and salad.
Homemade chilli and rice.
Butter chicken (pataks sauce)
Pork chops (unsure of how I’m doing them yet)
Chicken and bacon lattice
Homemade steak pie
Chicken quarter pounders with salad

Like I said, it’s a proper freezer raid. And I’ll be a few steps closer to emptying the freezer 🙂

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Meal Planning Monday – 13 May 2013


That’s it! I’ve had enough!
Time to get my head screwed on with the healthy eating.
I have just over 13 months until the Wedding Day 😮 and I want to be at my target weight (3 stone lighter than I am now!) well before that.
My aim is to lose it between now and the end of the year.

Because of this my meal plan recipes are all low fat, and tasty might I add 🙂

Not going to put into days, as the Mr is working late a couple nights and not sure what ones yet, at least I will get peace lol.

Anyway here goes:

Cod and Potato fritters
Meatball Brochettes
Pork Stroganoff
Baked Potato and Salad
Chicken with Spicy Yoghurt Crust
Curried Yellow Split Pea soup
Sunday is Roast day

What are you all cooking in the kitchen?

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Meal Planning Monday


Last weeks meal plan half went to plan and the other half, well just went to pot!
This week I completely sticking to it. One, because my budget needs me to, and two, my diet really needs me to.
I need to get stuck back in and up my gym visits.
I am starting to feel unhappy again about my weight as I have gained a few pounds :(. But I will get there!

This weeks meals are coming from my Hairy Dieters book, one of my favourites!

M – Spanish style chicken bake
T – Mediterranean beef burgers
W – some thing with fish 🙂
ThEasy Crispy Chicken
F – cottage pie
S We are away on a rare night out. Woo hoo! Dinner is likely to be liquid 😉
Su – skinny beef lasagne

Thanks to Mrs M for the weekly link up. Away and get some more inspiration.


Meal Plan Monday – 15 April


Back to our routine this week after being away.
I have missed not having the meal plan, and my weekly budget went up!
Albeit was on holiday so allowed some exceptions but I didn’t like going over. I love having my budgets.

It’s going to be a fairly simple meal plan this week, doing a freezer raid, as usual we are on a budget and this month is going to be a little stricter (road tax at end of month).

Haddock chowder

Joes pork and chilli burger, homemade chips and salad

Something with chicken. Not quite sure yet.

Pork, again not decided on what exactly!

Vegetable pasta, this will be a make as you go recipe

Quorn lime, ginger and chilli fillets with rice

Bacon and chicken lattice. (Freezer bargain was £2.49 got for 62p!)

And I am back at the gym this week (yay!) feel so bloated after the junk we ate while on holibobs. Not that we are it every day, just now and again. And boy I can feel the difference.

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Meal Plan Monday


This weeks meal plan is based on using up our food.
We are off on our jollies next week, yay!, so just running down what we have in, as I hate waste.
Anything we haven’t used that will go off will be given to neighbours or the MiL.
Next week we won’t be having a meal plan but will be back to normal service when we return 🙂

Lemon sole, potatoes and veg

Meatloaf, baked potato and salad

Roast lamb, roast potatoes and veg

Chicken thighs, herby potatoes and salad

A cheeky trip to Pizza Express
We still have a voucher left from when we doubled up our clubcard tokens

We leave for our holibags on Saturday am so from there it’s a mystery 😉

Thanks to Mrs M for hosting the Meal Plan


Meal Planning Monday


I can’t believe we are in the last week of March!
The weeks are flying by.

This weeks meal plan is a mix of Rosemary Connolly and my own recipes.

We are still on a budget, as many of us are, and by having a weekly meal plan I have noticed we are saving money and time.
I work out my meal plan on the Saturday, for the following week, and do my shop on the Sunday.
Because I am not walking around the supermarket wondering what to have for dinner, I have my list and I stick to it. Which is sometimes hard! I used to pick up bargains because they were bargains not because I needed them!

Here’s this weeks meals:

Chicken, leek and tomato risotto. This is a first time for me. Hope it tastes as good as it sounds.

Gammon steak, poached egg and roast potatoes.
A simple classic.

Smoked haddock fish cakes.
Homemade of course 🙂

Herby meatloaf
Everyone loves this!


Homemade pizza
It’s the mini mans birthday on the Sunday and his wee pals are coming round to make pizza

Mini mans birthday. Going to do a nice family roast.

As always, will blog recipe once we have made it.

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