Save The Dates & Invitations

I’m starting to get a little excited.
Ok a big bit excited 🙂
It’s just over 13 months to go until our Big Day. It doesn’t seem that long ago since it was 2 years to go.

So, now is the time we should be looking at Save the Date cards and invitations. And I am having a hard job deciding!
Along came Paper Themes and helped me along a little.
They sent me a few samples from some of their ranges. And the more I think about it, could they have made my job in the search harder??
They were gorgeous.
A couple, not to my taste. But 1 stuck out immediately. I had fallen in love, don’t tell the Mr!

I liked all but one of these Save the Dates, but that’s just my personal preference. The Mr thought it was funny though. Can you guess what one it is??

As I said they are all lovely.
Also, some designs I hadn’t seen before.
The website has a lot, lot more, my eyes were like saucers looking at them. And there are prices to suit every budget. Perfect!
I found the site easy to use and work my way about.

Here is my favourite Save the Date and Invitation.

I loved this as it fits in with myself and the Mr.
It took him 7 1/2 years to propose!! I know, I know. I tried for a while before that to get him on one knee, and all it took was a New Year’s Day trip to the pub!

This invitation is so unique. I hadn’t seen one like this before, despite all my reading of wedding magazines!
It also fits in with our wedding as we are getting married at the National Mining museum of Scotland.

Go on, pop over to Paper Themes and have a cheeky little look.
You won’t regret it.