And I’m Back!

Hello Strangers!

Whats been happening?

There have ben a few goings ons in my life for the last little while, personally and some technical issues!
One being my laptop. I thought it was heading for the laptop place in the sky, until one of my technical whizz neighbours worked his magic. So big thanks to Andrew 😉

Alas, that was not all to go wrong. My lovely, shiny, white Iphone 5 is away to Iphone heaven (cue violins playing).
I done like everyone else and headed for the IoS 7 update and it shut down my phone. With the laptop not working I couldnt restore, and if I am brutally honest it had been a while since I had done a back up.
I was ready to go to the Apple store for some of their help, when I, ahem, had the phone in my bag and shut the car door on it.
I know, I know. I could have cried, I think I did a little.

Like I said, a few personal matters going on aswell, they are getting better every day.
One day I shall blog about this, one day 🙂

I hope you are pleased to see me back, I am happily sitting in my blog zone, and have missed having this little outlet.

Let me know what you would like to see on the blog.



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