Bargain Buy

Oh how I do love a bargain, or two!
Today was no exception.

I took the opportunity to have a semi peaceful trip to the shops. I say semi as I had Little Lady with me and boy, she can be anything but peaceful at times!

Back to the point of the post!
I decided to have a quick look in one of the charity shops, to see if anything, cookbooks in particular, (I seem to have quite an obsession with them) jumped out at me.

How pleased was I when I spotted these beauties when I first walked in.


And for the very bargain price of £2 each. I couldn’t believe my luck.
I tell you, there are some fantastic hints, tips and recipes in there.
I look forward to bringing you future blog posts on the recipes.

So thanks to who ever decided they didn’t need these in their kitchen, surely everyone needs Delia in there in some shape or form?
I know I need her every now and again!

What’s been a surprise bargain you have picked up?
I’d love to know 🙂


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