Bakerdays Review

Don’t you just love it when a cheeky treat comes through your letterbox?
I love it!
And that’s just what happened to me this week.
What was I sent? I was sent a fab cake.
Yes, yes, I said a cake!
Bakerdays are a fantastic company that can send you, friend or family member a cake in the post. They aren’t the biggest of cakes, or they wouldn’t fit through the letterbox, but boy are they tasty. They can also personalise it however you want, and do a fab range of flavours.
We were sent the Carrot cake.
All my friends know I am not a huge vegetable lover and Carrot cake is included in this. However, I ate a quarter of the cake and loved it! It was so moist and packed full of flavour.

Bakerdays send the cake in a fantastic metal tin and also include some goodies alongside, candles, balloons and even a cheeky packet of love hearts! Could they be any better?!


Wouldn’t you love to receive this in the post?!

Before I had even taken the cake out the tin, the monsters were all over it. I was told specifically to “share it” and Mini Man told me “I have to have 4 big bits because I’m 4″
Cheeky monkey.

My design was fantastic, I chose the wording to fit in with the blog, as I said before Bakerdays can personalise it however you want, photos, names, sayings, the lot.

I, reluctantly, shared the cake with the family and it went down a storm. All of them wanted seconds. Even Dougal the dog.
The only comment made was from the Mr. He said it tasted more like a ginger cake than a carrot cake. Although he did enjoy every mouthful.


So thank you Bakerdays for our lovely cake. We will be back for more cake soon.


We were sent a cake for the purpose of this review. All opinions are of our own.


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