1 Chicken, 3 Dinners

Im not sure if you have seen all these amazing posts about cooking a whole chicken and having 3 or more dinners out of it. I think it’s a fantastic idea, especially if you are trying to be a bit thrifty.

I decided I was going to do this, so on my shopping trip to Costco I picked up a cooked chicken.
I know what you’re thinking, lazy mare! In a way yes I am lol but when a cooked chicken is bigger and cheaper than a supermarket, uncooked chicken, then hell yeah I am buying that bird.

So first dinner was the obligatory Sunday roast. My god, I do love a good roast dinner with all the trimmings. You have to have them don’t you?
I stripped the chicken down, saved some meat and the 2 legs for our roast. Then put the rest in a tub for our second dinner.

Yes I can count 😉 , that makes 2 dinners, I still had the carcass.
That got chucked into a pot with carrots, leeks and seasoning. Simmered away for a couple of hours to make a tasty stock.
I will be using this for a nice homemade soup.

We had the leftover chicken tonight for dinner. I made a butter chicken (using Pataks sauce) mixed with onions and red pepper. It was lovely.
I had mine on a baked potato and the Mr had his with some veggie rice.

There you have it. I started with one whole roast chicken and I got – roast chicken dinner, butter chicken and chicken stock. Amazing!

I think some people have had more out of it 4 maybe 5 at a push.

Have you done this? How many meals did you get out of it?



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