Meal Planning Monday – 13 May 2013


That’s it! I’ve had enough!
Time to get my head screwed on with the healthy eating.
I have just over 13 months until the Wedding Day 😮 and I want to be at my target weight (3 stone lighter than I am now!) well before that.
My aim is to lose it between now and the end of the year.

Because of this my meal plan recipes are all low fat, and tasty might I add 🙂

Not going to put into days, as the Mr is working late a couple nights and not sure what ones yet, at least I will get peace lol.

Anyway here goes:

Cod and Potato fritters
Meatball Brochettes
Pork Stroganoff
Baked Potato and Salad
Chicken with Spicy Yoghurt Crust
Curried Yellow Split Pea soup
Sunday is Roast day

What are you all cooking in the kitchen?

Visit Mrs M and see what else is cooking 🙂



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