Disney Range from Munchkin

My little lady loves to get her overalls on and get dirty down the yard with her daddy. But she also loves her girly things – disney princess, Minnie Mouse etc.
And her cheeky wee face lit up when we received this in the post.


The wonderful people at Munchkin have brought out a new Disney range. It looks fabulous. So fabulous that the Little Lady would not let her big brother near it! She insisted she had juice out of it there and then.
I had my orders and off I went to give it a wash out and put water in it.
The cup is leakproof and has a 100% leak proof guarantee, thank heavens, can you imagine the mess.
The only fault I found with it, was that I struggled to flip the straw up. It was quite stiff.


Around came dinner time, again I had my orders that dinner was to be put on madams new plate.
Lolly loved having the different sections on the plate, especially having a separate bit for her tomato sauce, I was specifically told where to put it, she is a bossy boots!


I love the fact the plate and bowl have a rubber bottom so as they don’t slip about the table. We have tried other ones that have promised the same but haven’t been as effective.
The set is bright and colourful too, which we all loved.
The range starts from £4.50, so not hugely expensive either. Another great factor.

I think the picture below says it all.


For more information on these products and others visit Munchkin

We were sent the products for review purposes. All words and opinions are our own.


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