Today I Am Feeling A Little Blue

Today I’m feeling a little down.
My dad has been up visiting for the last week and today is the day he is away home. (He stays down south)

What can I say, I’m a proper daddy’s girl and always cherish his visits, and our visits to him, as we don’t get to see him as often as I would like.

We have had some good times this week, including a trip to Surgeons Hall Museum followed by a pub crawl. My mission – to get my dad pissed! And it worked.

The next time we will see him is in July, when we take a little road trip to his house and my sisters.
I am literally on countdown from today.

My mini man and little lady will miss him aswell.
Their wee faces when he first came up last Sunday, melted my heart.
They screamed “grandad, grandad” and ran straight into his arms. Makes me smile.

The worst part of today is that I am stuck in my work and won’t see him before he starts his wee drive home.

So I have my moody face on today.
Excuse me while I go and stomp about my work.


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