Meal Planning Monday


Last weeks meal plan half went to plan and the other half, well just went to pot!
This week I completely sticking to it. One, because my budget needs me to, and two, my diet really needs me to.
I need to get stuck back in and up my gym visits.
I am starting to feel unhappy again about my weight as I have gained a few pounds :(. But I will get there!

This weeks meals are coming from my Hairy Dieters book, one of my favourites!

M – Spanish style chicken bake
T – Mediterranean beef burgers
W – some thing with fish šŸ™‚
ThEasy Crispy Chicken
F – cottage pie
S We are away on a rare night out. Woo hoo! Dinner is likely to be liquid šŸ˜‰
Su – skinny beef lasagne

Thanks to Mrs M for the weekly link up. Away and get some more inspiration.




  1. Mm these sound lovely. I must get looking at the Hairy Bikers book, we’ve made their chilli salad bowls before but buy it to see what else they have to offer. Hope the weight loss goes well and enjoy your night out! We’re getting a day out on our own too this week – looking forward to it!

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