Lolly’s New Room

This week we are beginning the refurbishment of Lolly’s bedroom.
We decided to do this for a couple of reasons.
It needed doing desperately. It is still a mint green, Winnie the Pooh, adorned baby room.
And because my little madam won’t settle in her room at all and if I am honest, it’s driving mummy mad!
She hasn’t settled since her having pneumonia and hallucinating that bugs were coming through her bed, walls, etc. Who can blame her? I wouldn’t want to sleep in a room if I even suspected a bug was in it.

So, naturally I have been looking into different websites, shops, for inspiration.
One site that struck out to me was the John Lewis site. Amazing products that myself and little miss Lolly loved.
The site was so simple to look around on both my laptop and my iPhone.

Here are some of Lolly’s favourites (she has been fluttering her eyelids at daddy for these)

We both think this Orla the owl, Grobag egg shell, is fantastic. Lolly because she loves owl and myself because it jazzes up the plain Grobag Egg.

I said to The Mr that I wanted a personalised name plaque or wall decor for Lolly and when I seen this one, I fell in love with it. Especially as she is a little princess.

Perfect for any little princess.

The Pearhead Signature frame. I have to have this! I fell in love with this the minute I seen it.
I am a sentimental mummy and love things like this. Special memories you can hold onto forever.
Plus I haven’t seen anything like this before, another reason I love it!

And the last item Lolly picked was the Jomoval Cupcake Castle wall stickers.

I think, in fact I know Lolly picked these as she is a mini princess, and boy does she know it, and she loves cake!

These are just a few of our favourite items, there are lots more on the site!
Just head to John Lewis to find fantastic items for your little prince or princess.

This is a sponsored post.
The wording and opinions are my own



  1. Sarah…. Try eBay, I got some fantastic personalised items and stickers/wall art from their at a fraction of the price. Have fun deciding xxxxxx. Sharon

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