Thanks Asda!

I popped into my local Asda yesterday, to get a few things.
I told myself all the way there “stick to my list, stick to my list”. A few times I don’t and end up with another £20 added on to the bill.

This time I just wandered about, had a quick look at the clothes sale rack and kept my eye out for the red reducers to clear tags on the shelf.
I’m glad I did! I didn’t go overboard, the Mr will be pleased to hear! I spent an extra £7, not too drastic.
Here’s what I got at bargain prices!

These were in the frozen section. Mini pizzas reduced from £1 to 50p a pack and the chicken kebabs were £2 down to £1.
The pizzas I got 4 packs, they are always handy for a quick lunch etc. and 2 packs of the kebabs, just simply because I love them 🙂

I got the mini man this fab jumper reduced from £8 to £2. Love it!

Lollys was the best bargain! This top was down from £3.50 to £1.
I always tell myself not to just randomly buy things, but at these prices who can blame me 🙂

What’s been your biggest bargain?



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