Meal Plan Monday – 15 April


Back to our routine this week after being away.
I have missed not having the meal plan, and my weekly budget went up!
Albeit was on holiday so allowed some exceptions but I didn’t like going over. I love having my budgets.

It’s going to be a fairly simple meal plan this week, doing a freezer raid, as usual we are on a budget and this month is going to be a little stricter (road tax at end of month).

Haddock chowder

Joes pork and chilli burger, homemade chips and salad

Something with chicken. Not quite sure yet.

Pork, again not decided on what exactly!

Vegetable pasta, this will be a make as you go recipe

Quorn lime, ginger and chilli fillets with rice

Bacon and chicken lattice. (Freezer bargain was £2.49 got for 62p!)

And I am back at the gym this week (yay!) feel so bloated after the junk we ate while on holibobs. Not that we are it every day, just now and again. And boy I can feel the difference.

Hop on over to Mrs M and have a look what others have cooking 🙂




  1. Pork and chilli burger sounds lovely. I’m terrible, no matter how much I write the list we still seem to be over budget. Maybe we need to eat less as there’s only 2 of us and a wee one!

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