Month: March 2013

I’ve Progressed to the Next Stage of QMT

The last few weeks have been filled with illness in our house.
Not very good at all.
First was Lolly who had pneumonia and am now glad to say is better. Back to her normal cheeky self, although still a bit raspy.
Then the mini man came down with a cough, which we have been told is a viral chest infection. Not sure if that’s right but it is what my local surgery diagnose everyone with.
And lastly me. I have Manflu. Its traumatic to say the least lol. I really don’t know how men cope with it. Oh yes, I don’t know as I still have to deal with the monsters sick or not. Can’t be lying in bed all day “dying”.

Yesterday was my hardest day, as I had felt the worst I have felt all week and all the monsters done was play up.
You name it they done it – fighting, jumping on beds, harassing the dog, harassing me, throwing things, etc etc.
I was so harassed, I couldn’t believe it. As soon as the Mr came home, went back out, came home again, I got myself in a roasting, toasting hot bath and had a snoop about twitter and get myself together.
And apparently while I was in the bath my crazed monsters turned into perfection personified.

I have come to the conclusion that after our few weeks illness and my week of harassment that I have progressed up the Quality Mummy Time ladder to – Night Away.
So I am going to book myself away for a day to a spa (and see how we get on there before booking a full night away).

Have you progressed in the QMT ladder?

How far up are you now? 🙂



Global Kids Fashion Week with AlexandAlexa

As parents we all want our monsters to look great, and I love to look at all the latest clothes and trends.
I also love to look at designer ranges for my monsters, whether I can afford what they have or not, it is always nice to have a look and see if there are any bargains. Who doesn’t love a bargain?!

This month AlexandAlexa are launching the very first Global Kids Fashion Week. From March 18th to March 20th 2013 it is being held in The Freemasons Hall, Covent Garden, London.
The fashion week will include fashion shows and activities to highlight the next seasons trends in Children’s fashion and along with the usual fashion designers, you will see some great work from new, up and coming designers.
A couple of the designers confirmed for Global Fashion week included Paul Smith Junior and Diesel.

AlexandAlexa are a one stop online shop for fabulous designer clothes, and more, for your little trendsetters. They have some fabulous clothes, I wish I was Lolly’s size again!
Here are a couple of my favourites:


This Mini Rodini playsuit is gorgeous, and I think Lolly needs this for the summer, that is if we ever get one in Scotland! And it’s a great price £35


I loved this top the minute I seen it, and I know that Junior would too, perfect for any budding rockstar! Another bargain at £25.

For more fantastic kids clothing take a look at their fantastic site – AlexandAlexa

This exclusive event only has 200 tickets available for this Spring/Summer 2013 public fashion show and can be bought by visiting here .
All proceeds raised from the event will be donated to Kids Company who are the official charity for this years fashion week. To find out more about the Charity just visit Kids Company.

This post is sponsored by AlexandAlexa. The words and opinions are my own.

Munchkin Bath Range Review

My little monsters were delighted when we received a box of Bathtime goodies to review for Munchkin

Lolly was straight in the box. Declaring that the Splash Along Mermaid was hers!
She ripped open the packaging and carried the mermaid everywhere until it was Bathtime. Safe to say she was a definite hit.

There were cackles of delight when she splashed along the water.
(Excuse the bath water! It’s not filthy honestly lol. It’s Juniors bath products we have to use for his dry skin, makes water go all murky)
The 2 monsters had lots of fun sending her to each other.

We then moved onto the Munchkin Bath Letters and Numbers.
My mini man loved this. And from a mummy’s point of view it’s a fantastic learning aid. He loved finding the letters to spell his name and the number to show his age.
I also think it will help Lolly along wih her alphabet as Junior was showing her how to spell her name.

We were also sent these bright, colourful bath pads.
I prefer these to one big bath mat. And the monsters helped stick these on before we ran the bath. The red one also has the indicator built in that goes white when the water is too hot. Fantastic!

Overall, we loved having these products to review and went down a treat in our house.
The only problem we had was that some of the letters in the alphabet pack didn’t stick as good as others on the tiles. But we were able to work around that.
They are fun, practical, educational and mummy approved 🙂

To have a look at more of their fantastic products, kids will love. Head over to Munchkin

We were sent these for review purposes. All opinions are of our own

Meal Planning Monday


Its that time again! The weeks seem to be flying by, can’t beleive we are in March already.

We are on strict budgets now, we have our upcoming wedding to save and the honeymoon (still can’t decide where to go though!) along with other things. So it is strict spending now! Tightening my money belt as I type this lol

The meal plan isn’t too spectacular, but I am including some recipes I haven’t tried before and will post up the recipes.

Here goes:

Monday Cheese and Beef Pasta bake
Soemthing I know my monsters will enjoy
Tuesday Creamy Chicken Curry.
I won’t be making this too spicy as we will all be eating this
Wednesday Fish & Chips
Homemade, with my fabulous fish from Delish Fish
Thursday Homemade Soup and bread
Not entirely sure as yet, will see what veg I have that needs to be used up
Friday Joe’s Pork and Chilli burgers
Will have these with homemade rolls and salad, might even sneak a few chips on there 😉
Saturday This is my free pass day! Going bridesmaid dress shopping and will be having lunch out with a few drinks. Really looking forward to it!
Sunday Smoked Haddock and Potato Pie
Got my idea for this from a cookbook I had a quick glance at and as always just going to adapt to my taste.

Thanks to for hosting the Meal Plan. Pop along and have a look at the rest of the meal plans.

As always we get our lovely fresh fish from my wee pal John at You will not get fish fresher than that! When you visit let him know I sent you 😉


Spicy Yoghurt Pork Kebabs


This recipe was amazing! Tasty, simple and quick to make.
We are on a budget these days, upcoming wedding :), and the ingredients are regulars on our weekly shopping list. Which is great for us as it meant not buying food we wouldn’t use after.

You can use this recipe differently from how I have, I had diced pork to use up, you could use it on pork steaks instead.

What you need:

1 pack diced pork/4 pork steaks
8 tablespoons of low fat natural yoghurt
1-2 tablespoons curry powder
1 red chilli, finely chopped
2 tablespoons coriander
2 tablespoons mint
Salt and pepper to season

You can always have less or more curry powder/chilli depends on how spicy you like it

What you do:

Place your diced pork evenly out onto wooden skewers.
Mix the rest of the ingredients together to make a sauce.
Spread the sauce over the kebabs, turn over and spread over other side, make sure they are evenly coated as much as you can.
Place under hot grill, or pop into oven dish (I used my Pampered Chef stoneware in oven) and cook for 10 mins each side under grill, or 15-10 mins in oven.
Serve with rice and vegetables or salad and chips like we did.

Enjoy x