Jolly Logan Sheep Range by NICI

We were lucky enough to be spent a wonderful package from NICI UK to review.
In the package we received a Jolly Logan stuffed toy, money tin, notepad and shoulder bag.

As soon as I had opened the package to fighting had begun! My two monsters wanted it all and didn’t want to share. Junior (4) worked it out that he should have the first shot as he is the oldest. Lolly didn’t agree, once I have her the bag she had changed her mind.


Junior loved the stuffed toy, I don’t blame him as he is so soft. And we love the idea behind him. He is a sheep with a wolf coat and hood. He goes everywhere with him.


Lolly wouldn’t let me take her photo with the bag as she said I would steal it! The cheeky little monster.
The bag is as soft as the Jolly Logan stuffed toy. I couldn’t stop feeling it for a moment!

The notepad is a great wee thing and fits perfectly into the bag. It’s coming up for Juniors birthday and we will be using these for his thank you notes.



The money tin came with a little padlock and two keys. I told the monsters this was to keep their money safe and that I keep the keys.
We are going on holiday soon and we have all been putting some extra pennies in. Whatever is in there by the time we go will be their spending money.

NICI is available to buy at many local retailers and online at these retailers:

A big thank you to NICI for sending these wonderful items.
The favourite item has to be the Jolly Logan stuffed toy, so so soft. Love it!
I would recommend these products to everyone.

Find NICI on Facebook and on Twitter these are the places to be so you are kept up to date with their latest news.


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