Is it me??

Over the last week or so, I have noticed a change in my mini man.
A change that isn’t so good.

His attitude is terrible, and he can get so angry that he can be aggressive.
Not with anyone in particular, just whoever or whatever is in his way.

Even as I write this post, I can feel the lump in my throat growing bigger and bigger.
I feel that it’s my fault, it must be mustn’t it?

Just today I have him a row for kicking Lolly. His answer was because she was playing with a toy he wanted.
When we “had words” he lashed out by throwing a heavy abacus several times, beating his hands off the ground, throwing jigsaw boxes, the list goes on and on.
At worst he has tried to headbutt me, he has kicked and punched.

Is it me?
Am I doing something wrong??
And you know, I’m not sure anymore and I’m starting to think I’m not the best mum I could be.
If not, why would he be acting like this. It must be me.

I can’t comprehend with it.
I do my best for them, treat them equally, would literally do anything for them. So where am I going wrong?

He’s not a massively bad behaved mini man but its been the last 7-10 days where the behaviour has worsened and its starting to get me down.

I just don’t know what to do sometimes.

Sorry for the not so happy post, but had to get it off my chest.



  1. No it’s not you at all. I’m going through exactly the same thing with Bear – my newly turned 4 year old. Some days his attitude completely unbearable but other days he is the sweet little boy that he always was. I’m pretty sure it’s just one of those phases, they’re testing boundaries. Keeping calm and consistent is good, keep doing what you’re doing! I’ve found that when I explain to Bear why I’m cross with something that he’s started doing the same, so instead of lashing out in frustration he’s talking to me more. I don’t know if that’s helpful or not but you’re definitely not doing anything wrong x

    1. Thanks for that. Makes me feel better I’m not the only one. It often feels like that. I’m keeping consistent with the discipline but don’t always say why I’m cross. Will try that x

      1. You’re definitely not the only one lovely, my sister’s little girl is pushing her boundaries too and they’re all a similar age! It’s always worth trying, I hope things get easier for you =) x

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