I’ve Progressed to the Next Stage of QMT

The last few weeks have been filled with illness in our house.
Not very good at all.
First was Lolly who had pneumonia and am now glad to say is better. Back to her normal cheeky self, although still a bit raspy.
Then the mini man came down with a cough, which we have been told is a viral chest infection. Not sure if that’s right but it is what my local surgery diagnose everyone with.
And lastly me. I have Manflu. Its traumatic to say the least lol. I really don’t know how men cope with it. Oh yes, I don’t know as I still have to deal with the monsters sick or not. Can’t be lying in bed all day “dying”.

Yesterday was my hardest day, as I had felt the worst I have felt all week and all the monsters done was play up.
You name it they done it – fighting, jumping on beds, harassing the dog, harassing me, throwing things, etc etc.
I was so harassed, I couldn’t believe it. As soon as the Mr came home, went back out, came home again, I got myself in a roasting, toasting hot bath and had a snoop about twitter and get myself together.
And apparently while I was in the bath my crazed monsters turned into perfection personified.

I have come to the conclusion that after our few weeks illness and my week of harassment that I have progressed up the Quality Mummy Time ladder to – Night Away.
So I am going to book myself away for a day to a spa (and see how we get on there before booking a full night away).

Have you progressed in the QMT ladder?

How far up are you now? 🙂



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