Meal Planning Monday


Its that time again! The weeks seem to be flying by, can’t beleive we are in March already.

We are on strict budgets now, we have our upcoming wedding to save and the honeymoon (still can’t decide where to go though!) along with other things. So it is strict spending now! Tightening my money belt as I type this lol

The meal plan isn’t too spectacular, but I am including some recipes I haven’t tried before and will post up the recipes.

Here goes:

Monday Cheese and Beef Pasta bake
Soemthing I know my monsters will enjoy
Tuesday Creamy Chicken Curry.
I won’t be making this too spicy as we will all be eating this
Wednesday Fish & Chips
Homemade, with my fabulous fish from Delish Fish
Thursday Homemade Soup and bread
Not entirely sure as yet, will see what veg I have that needs to be used up
Friday Joe’s Pork and Chilli burgers
Will have these with homemade rolls and salad, might even sneak a few chips on there 😉
Saturday This is my free pass day! Going bridesmaid dress shopping and will be having lunch out with a few drinks. Really looking forward to it!
Sunday Smoked Haddock and Potato Pie
Got my idea for this from a cookbook I had a quick glance at and as always just going to adapt to my taste.

Thanks to for hosting the Meal Plan. Pop along and have a look at the rest of the meal plans.

As always we get our lovely fresh fish from my wee pal John at You will not get fish fresher than that! When you visit let him know I sent you 😉




  1. Congratulations on your wedding! honeymoon definitely sounds like a toughy, but worth saving for and a good thing to keep in your head when shopping/meal planning. Your week sounds great, do you have the recipe for the pasta bake? x

  2. We too have just gone a strict tightening our belt campaign in order to save money so I am in the process of setting up on-line shopping as I am being told by many that it helps save money and I know I am awful in supermarkets, I pop in for milk and come home with 3 bags worth of shopping so new plan! Anyhow as part of my weekly on-line shop now I am also going to meal plan, again something which I have been told helps save the pennies, so I have decided to come onto Meal Planning Monday for some inspiration, loving your idea of the burgers with homemade bread, I am stealing this one (hope you don’t mind!) x Hope you have a fab day bridesmaids shopping and having lunch – very exciting x

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