Our Wee Unplanned Trip

Our weekend got off to a bad start 😦

My little lady had to be taken into the Edinburgh Sick Kids.
She had been not a very well wee sausage for the previous 2-3 weeks, on and off cold/cough. At the time I didn’t think it was anything to really worry about. But I was wrong.

We called our local doctors surgery on Friday morning as Lolly was really raspy and hadn’t eaten or drank much in the last 48 hours, and being the amazing surgery that they are, I was told by the doctor receptionist that it was not an emergency and I would wait in a queue for a call back.
Well I waited, and waited, and waited, and well you get the hint.

Quick call to Auntie Kaak, and followed her advice of calling NHS 24.
And we were sent to the hospital.

My mini man was packed off to his friends and off we went.
Met the Mr and headed to A & E.
Jeez Louise it was mobbed!
Again we waited and waited to be seen. 2pm turned into 4pm and the little lady seemed to have perked up.
I was now thinking, if not seen in half an hour we are leaving. She seems fine, wee cough but nothing too major.

Cut a long story short, we didn’t go home we waited and were seen at around 6pm. And I am so glad we never just went home. As after all the waiting, seeing a nurse, waiting, seeing a doctor, waiting, having x-rays, waiting, seeing doctor, waiting, getting prescription, we were told Lolly has pneumonia.
I was so shocked! And feeling really upset. My poor wee sausage!

I then felt anger towards my doctors surgery and that bloody receptionist!
Am I wrong to think she shouldn’t have been playing at doctors and just got us seen? I mean she’s 2 years old, you can’t muck about with a wee one.
I’m even getting angry while writing this.

The good news is that Lolly is on the mend and she’s not 100% yet but on the road to it.
My food bill has went down slightly this week as she has eaten very little.
I’m glad she had a good appetite before and that she wasn’t a slight girl.

And now I am off to write my letter to the practice manager in the surgery. Tips are welcome for the letter!



  1. Big hugs babe, just awful!

    Write your letter then leave until next day and re read it & take emotion out of it. Make it factually. This happened, that happened. They said. Don’t say words like think or feel. These are really emotive words & make it seem irrational but words like I know and I understand, but …. Happy to look at it I you need help!

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