Pork Stroganoff


You will see from the recipes that I am posting, I am re-starting my Low Fat eating plan again.
Albeit, I wont be attending Slimming World classes, I will be sticking to the plan as much as I can.

I wasn’t sure of this recipe at first, as I am used to beef instead of pork, but thought “what the heck, let’s live a little!” I know what you are thinking, jeez it’s just changing the beef to pork, but I am a creature of habit.

What you need:

350g lean pork fillet, I used 1 pack of diced pork
1 onion, chopped
2-3 garlic cloves, crushed
1 tbsp plain flour
2 tbsp tomato puree, I just gave it a good squirt into pot!
425ml chicken stock, you can use veg stock aswell
Handful of mushrooms, this depends on how many you like
1 green pepper, deseeded and diced
1/2 tsp ground nutmeg
3-4 tbsp low fat natural yoghurt, depends on how creamy you want it
salt and pepper to season

What you do:

Trim and dice pork fillet. Or if like me, open pack and trim fat, if any.
Spray large saucepan with frylight and gently fry the pork, onion and garlic for 5 minutes.
Stir in flour and tomato puree, mixing well. Then adding in stock, again mixing well.
Add in mushrooms, pepper, seasoning and nutmeg.
Bring the mix to the boil, and simmer for 15-20 minutes, until the pork is nice and tender.
Remove saucepan from the heat and stir in the low fat natural yoghurt.

You can serve this with rice, or it also goes lovely mixed in with pasta. Or be like me and have it with diced roast potatoes and veg.

Let me know how you get on with it.

Enjoy x


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