A Dairylicious New Range from Ella’s Kitchen


Whilst doing my weekly shop, I picked up some of Ella’s Kitchens new range of yoghurts.
My aim was to pick one pack for the monsters to taste test and buy more in next weekly shop. Do you think my monsters would let me away with that?? Oh no. They wanted to pick a pack each.
Lolly picked the 4 pack yoghurt, simply because of the red packaging. And Junior picked the ras[pberry creamed rice, again because of the colour.
Although when we got home he changed his mind, more than likely because Lolly’s was a 4 pack and his a 2 pack. He is like his dad in that sense! Always likes the bigger portion.

We got home from the shops and they couldn’t wait to tuck in, and if I am honest, I couldn’t wait to have a sneaky wee taste myself. They didn’t even want their lunch, just wanted to dive straight in to them.
Amidst their grumbles and groans I made them lunch, while telling them they had to eat all of it before having a pot.
The looks I got, you would think I wasn’t going to feed them ever again!
I am sure you will be able to tell from the above pictures that my pair certainly enjoyed them!
Lolly wouldn’t let me anywhere near her Pineapple and Mango yoghurt, and Junior gave me the teeniest bit of his rice pudding.
I had to do what any mum would do and just crack one open myself.
After having a strawberry and pear yoghurt, I now know why Lolly wouldn’t share. It was delicious and so creamy.
Unfortunately, I didn’t get to try the remaining pot of rice pudding as my mini man told me he knew it was there! Cheeky so and so! But from what I did taste, it was lovely. Juniors words were “These are awesome and all mine”


In line with the launch of these new products, Paul Lindley, founder of Ella’s Kitchen, has came up with the most amazing vehicle. The worlds smallest milk float (photo’s above) How great is that!

Paul Lindley comments: “We created the first – and the world’s smallest – tiny milk float, to celebrate the BIG tastes of our new dairylicious yoghurt, fromage frais and rice pudding – as you can see I can barely fit inside it! It was tricky to make the smallest milk float in the world and it was a real test for the designers, but we felt it was the best way to capture exactly how our new range is perfectly sized for little ones, but still contains big tastes for tiny taste buds with up to 20% real fruit and no added refined sugar. We’re excited about tiny tots experiencing our new range for themselves”.

The new dairy range is fab for your wee ones as it contains no added refined sugar and provides a natural source of calcium, so they are a great way to introduce dairy to tiny tots for the first time.

The new yogurts, rice puddings and fromage frais are available to purchase in the dairy aisle at Asda, Tesco, Waitrose and Ocado.

Super smooth + creamy
Fromage Frais
I’m 100% organic whole milk fromage frais and a great natural source of calcium. My tasty scrumminess comes from 20% real organic fruit and a little smidge of agave nectar – with no refined sugars. Suitable for babies from 6 months +. (RRP £1.89)

Chilled out thick + smooth
My BIG TASTES come from 20% real organic fruit, organic whole milk with no added refined sugar! I’m thick, creamy, and won’t fall off the spoon, making me perfect for babies + toddlers who are ready to start eating on their own from 6 months + (RRP £1.79)

Stir me up
Raspberry Rice Pudding
I’m 100% whole milk rice pudding full of organic goodness just right for babies from 7 months +. I come with a tasty compote made from real squished raspberries, to make stirring in the fruity taste fun! (RRP £1.09)

For more information visit Ella’s Kitchen or http://www.facebook.com/ellaskitchen


We were sent a voucher for 1 pack of Ella’s Kitchens new range.  All opinions are of our own


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