Bio Oil Review

Recently we were asked if we would like to try out some Bio Oil.
I had heard of Bio Oil and its claims to help reduce scars, stretchmarks and the likes.

Regardless of how well or little known the company of this kind of product is, I am always a little bit dubious.  But I didn’t need to be.

We used the oil, and still are, on myself and my mini man.
Myself for the lovely stretch marks my generous monsters gave me. And the mini man has some scarring on his cheeks from a skin infection, that wouldn’t quite heal as he kept picking it. I did tell you they are monsters!

Not too clear, only one I could find. But you can see difference with this compared to pics below



These are the mini mans results after using bio oil for 2 weeks.
His scarring has reduced as has the redness that was constantly there.
Impressed? I certainly am.
And if that’s after 2 weeks, how long until its cleared up? Not too much longer I hope.

As for myself, I won’t be grim and put pictures up of my lovely stretch marks. However, I have noticed a slight difference in them. Not as much as Juniors but they are reducing. And again with continuous use they will be banished forever! Well fingers crossed!

A little more about this Multi-Tasking oil, it is the No 1 selling scar and stretch mark product.

Since its launch Bio-Oil has become a household name, trusted by millions of people across the world for scars, stretch marks, ageing skin, dehydrated skin, and uneven skin tone. Clinical trials show just how effective Bio-Oil is at tackling a multitude of skin woes[i].

The Bio-Oil formulation combines some of the most important skincare ingredients, these include vitamin A and E with Calendula, Lavender, Rosemary and Chamomile oils, plus unique to Bio-Oil, PurCellin Oil™, to ensure they are easily-absorbed deep into the skin where they can provide targeted treatment.  PurCellin Oil™ dramatically lowers the viscosity (stickiness and density) of the formulation to create a “dry” oil which is non-greasy.

Bio-Oil has been clinically proven to help with:

Scars:  Improves appearance of new and old scars whether from surgery, accidents, burns, insect bites, scratches and chickenpox
Stretch Marks:  Helps prevent formation of stretch marks during pregnancy and periods of rapid weight gain or loss and helps to improve the appearance of existing stretch marks
Uneven Skin Tone: Helps improve appearance of uneven skin tone caused by hormonal fluctuations, skin lighteners or excessive sun exposure
Ageing Skin: Helps smooth and tone ageing, sagging and wrinkled skin on both the face and body
Dehydrated Skin: Helps replenish the skin’s natural oils, stripped away by factors such as extreme weather, water with high chemical content, frequent bathing and the drying effects of central heating and air-con.  Try massaging into dry patches such as nail cuticles, dry elbows and heels for targeted relief.

Built into a daily skin care routine, Bio-Oil can be applied all over the body, including the face.  For best results Bio-Oil should be applied twice daily for a minimum of 3 months.

A multi-tasking marvel, this is a must have for both women and men’s skincare routes, backed by a host of celebrity fans and experts including; Helena Christensen, Kara Tointon, Lorraine Kelly, Tess Daly, Sarah Harding,  Denise Van Outen, Kym Marsh and Angela Griffin.

Alongside exclusive ingredient, PurCellin Oil™, Bio-Oil’s Key ingredients include:

Vitamin A – helps improve the skin’s elasticity, texture and tone
Vitamin E – The most widely used antioxidant in skincare products today, Vitamin E increases the moisture content of the epidermis, thereby making the skin softer, smoother and more supple. Vitamin E also assists in the maintenance of healthy-looking skin
Calendula Oil – Calendula Officinalis, more commonly referred to as marigold, has been used for centuries as a natural antioxidant and has the ability to clarify and stimulates the growth of new skin cells
Lavender Oil – Lavender oil is widely known for calming and soothing benefits
Rosemary Oil – Rosemary oil helps to invigorate and it has a mild antiseptic capabilities and thus eases congestion, puffiness and swelling of the skin
Chamomile Oil – Chamomile has a calming and soothing effect and is particularly beneficial for sensitive skin
Bio-Oil is preservative-free and is not tested on animals. Available from Boots, Superdrug,Tesco, Asda,Lloyds Pharmacy, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Waitrose, Savers, Bodycare, SemiChem, Wilkinsons, and independent pharmacies nationwide. Also find out more at

60ml rsp £8.95, 125ml rsp £14.95, 200ml rsp £19.95

Our verdict:
We love using this, as you can see from the results above, that this is one Product that does actually work!  I am amazed by the difference in my mini mans face after using this, some friends have also commented on his face and have asked if we have used anything and if so what.  And I have gladly told them it is Bio Oil and have recommended it to friends and family.

We were sent a bottle of Bio Oil to review, all opinions are of our own.


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