Haddock Fishcakes

Want a quick, easy, most importantly tasty dinner that everyone in the family, even the dog, will love?
Make yourself a pile of fishcakes. So simple to make. And dead tasty.

We get all our fresh fish from John at Delish Fish. You cannot get fresher. Caught and shipped straight to you!
Now that’s service.
The fish is certainly not as piddly sized as you get in the supermarkets. But huge portions instead.

All it taken to make these fab fishcakes were: 3-4 medium potatoes, 2 haddock fillets, some grated cheese, 3 spring onions chopped, seasoning, parsley, and an egg.

I poached the haddock in milk until cooked.
Drained and flaked and put to side to add into potatoes once ready.
Peeled and chopped potatoes and boiler until soft.
Drained and added a splash of milk, knob of butter and some seasoning, and mash.
Mix in egg, fish, cheese and parsley.
Rolled into balls and placed in fridge for a couple of hours.
When ready to cook, I fried them in a pan until golden brown and served with salsa and some salad lettuce.

lolly loving her fishcakes with beans

Mummy’s fishcakes with homemade salsa and lettuce

Go and check out Delish Fish for the fantastic fish and let them know who sent you.
I promise you won’t look back!



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