Things Men Say

Now there are lots of blog posts about things kids say, I have had my fair share of funny things (your boobies are your treasures! And the likes)
And I thought it was only fair to let the Men join in too.
Well we wouldn’t want them to feel left out would we?

Here are some examples to start us off that the Mr has said to me:

While looking at funny lonely hearts I seen one that was a male stating he wanted to meet a girl between the SIZES 8-12 and had put no bigger than a 12. I said to the Mr “what a cheeky buggar! I’d tell him to stick it. I hope he doesn’t get any replies”.
His reply was “well he maybe doesn’t want a fat girlfriend”
Ahem, I am a (was at the time) size 14!

And his dad doesn’t fair any better I am afraid. At least I know where he gets it from.

The in laws had a party a few years back with family and friends. Some of my friends were there and one of them has medium to long hair.
My father in law proceeded to tell her she had lovely horses hair!

So lovely people, what have the men in your life said to you that’s made you laugh, cry, give them a slap or all 3?!



One comment

  1. LOL, sarah, that’s hilarious – Grim said to me yesterday, so the prescription I’ve got for bubbles can I just take it to the shop. errrr, no, you need to take it to the chemist shop! And I used to be a Dispenser.

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