Meal Planning Monday – 18 Feb


My kitchen is finished!! Yee ha.
I can now get back into my cooking/baking/general living in kitchen. I am so excited.
All we need to do is air it a little to get rid of the smell of paint. Hopefully it won’t take long.

We are gradually moving things back into the kitchen. We have our main items we use daily. Just cleaning the units and bringing the rest back in.

So this weeks meal plan is just a list of what I have and will decide on the day what we will be eating.
Next week will be better I promise as I will have all my cookbooks back (and maybe some new ones 🙂 )

Leftover lamb. Thinking a curry

Mummysknee gave us some proper Italian Ragu 🙂 will be having that with salad

Lemon Sole from Delish Fish

Beef and sweet potato pie

Joes burgers and baked potato and salad

Something with chicken

Some Joes garlic and herb sausages. Possible use them and make stovies

Head on over to the lovely Mrs M who hosts the weekly meal plan and see if you can get some inspiration.

Delish Fish where we now buy all our fish. You cannot get fresher




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