Volcano Exploring

On Monday, the first day of the Scottish half term. We went on your typical day out, that any nearly 4 year old monster would pick. And that is volcano exploring!
In mummy and daddy terms, Arthur’s Seat. An extinct volcano in Edinburgh.

panoramic view

It was a lovely sunny, albeit windy day. So we were all wrapped up cosy and warm and headed up to explore.
We took granny with us and met auntie Kaak and Claire bear there.
So off we went, picnics included on the climb to the top.


Granny took Junior and Claire bear right to the top. Lollys legs wouldn’t have made the last wee climb so we went off to find the perfect picnic spot.

Once granny and the gang came back we tucked into the picnics. Sandwiches, fruit and not forgetting the tomato soup. Every picnic on a windy or cold day needs tomato soup!

When it was time to go, we headed back to the little loch where we parked our cars and fed the swans and ducks.
It wouldn’t be like my little mob to have a day without any accidents, I was beginning to think a miracle had occurred as we hasn’t yet had one. Low and behold Lolly changes that. She slipped while feeding the swans. And got packed by one! Being as tough as she is, she didn’t even flinch! But now, and the day after, all that she spoke of was the naughty swan that bit her!

I would recommend a trip up Arthur’s seat to anyone, local or not. It’s a fantastic place to visit, it’s free! And the views are spectacular.



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