Well Hello :)

Well hello strangers!

Haven’t been on the blog much this past week, mainly due to my kitchen being done. And I have been having to keep the monsters in control amidst all the chaos. Not very easy I may say, but I think I have safely made it through.

Kitchen is nearly done, just the painter coming in a couple more times to paint more coats on the walls.
We are really chuffed at the job the guys have done! And how quick they have been at doing it.

I am literally chomping at the bit to get back in the kitchen fully and to get the proper dinners and cakes back on the go.

I am going to celebrate the finishing of the kitchen by buying a new cookbook (or 2) just don’t tell the Mr, as he says I have too many. But can you ever have enlighten cookbooks??
I don’t think so.

Anyone have any cookbook recommendations?
Would love to hear some.



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