Fire! Fire!

I have been a little quiet on the blog front for the last week, sorry folks, but this post will explain why.

2 weeks ago we had a little incident in our kitchen, that involved a 2 year old toaster, and fire.
I had picked up M from nursery with Lolly in tow, once we returned home I was told that they wanted beans on toast for lunch, and apparently nothing else would fill up their bellies. I popped the toast in the toaster and nipped upstairs to the loo. Looking forward to a few minutes peace, like most mum’s out there, until I had just plonked my bum down and I heard screaming.

I honestly thought the pair were having a mini fight over a toy, as per most days, until I heard the words FIRE mixed into it. I came rushing out to meet M and Lolly screaming ‘Mummy there’s a fire in the kitchen!’.
I rushed downstairs to look through the kitchen door to be met by flames. Instinct took over and I started shouting at the mini’s to come downstairs as they had stayed up there. Lolly came down without a hassle but M started crying telling me he was scared. I ended up having to go up and get him, poor wee mite was terrified.
I took them straight out of the house, and literally threw them at my 85 ish neighbour, phoned the fire brigade, got Dougal Dog out and into my car.

I can honestly say I have never been so scared in my life. I could not even tell you how I remembered to shut the kitchen door and put jackets at the bottom, so as to keep the fire contained.

Cut this a little short and the firemen came, put the fire out and left me with a half burnt kitchen 😦 and 2 traumatised mini’s.
The firemen were fantastic, arrived quickly, got the fire out before it got too out of control, and fitted 2 new smoke alarms for me. They even had a little chat with M, as he loves Fireman Sam, and he is even more obsessed now.
The cause of the fire – faulty toaster!
It was also explained to me that Toasters, Microwaves and Washing Machines are the common culprits of kitchen fires. I had never given it 2 thoughts before.
My kitchen is getting gutted and replaced this coming weekend, and I am so excited for it to be finished, you have no idea. It has been driving me insane, not being able to prepare proper meals, I have been trying my best, but the kitchen is just not nice to be in.

I will do another post with the after pictures to show the difference.

One last thing before I go – Please Please, take care when using kitchen appliances and DO NOT leave them unattended, as you could end up in the same situation I was, and maybe not be so lucky. I know that I won’t be doing it in a hurry.

Keep safe x

Fire pics below


this is where the fire started




  1. OMG………The important thing is you are all safe xx I hope the little ones aren’t to traumatised by it all?! xx And I think we are all guilty of multitasking and taking small appliances around our houses for granted, I’ll be thinking twice from now on xx

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