Me and Mr Hollywood


Aaah Mr Hollywood. He has it all. The baking skills, those eyes!
And what do I have?? His book.

The two of us are going to have several dates over the next wee while.
Starting with his basic white bread.

I have made bread before, with, ahem, the help of a bread maker. So it was time to make it without the machine and with my fair hands.
It was a lot simpler than I imagined and didn’t take near enough as long as what a bread maker takes!

All I had to do was get the ingredients together (strong flour, yeast, butter, salt and water), follow the instructions. And Mary’s your auntie, see what I done there 😉

dough all mixed and ready to cook

The recipe states that you have to leave the dough in a bowl, tea towel over top, for an hour or so.
I remember doing this with my dad when making pizza dough.
I put it in my airing cupboard at the top of the stairs to let the warmth help the yeast rise.

I waited just over an hour before removing it as bringing it back to my kitchen.
I then gave it a quick kneading to knock the air out and popped it into my loaf tin.
And here’s the smart part. While my bread maker takes at least 4 1/2 hours. My Hollywood bread only took 30 mins to cook.
I’d say, all in all 2 hours to make.


So pass me the lurpak while the breads still warm. Amazing!

Thanks Mr H. See you again soon.



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