Meal Planning Monday – 28 Jan 2013


I will let you all in on a little secret ;). Last weeks meal didn’t go, well to plan.
We had an incident in our kitchen Wednesday morning, involving a tesco toaster and a kitchen fire! (Will blog about this through the week!)
So the second half of the week consisted of a take away, and easy oven food.

This week I am looking in my freezer for quick and easy meals to plonk in my oven, to be ready when the oven beeps at me.
I’m not one for ready meals, so most of the food has been left overs I have frozen!

Chipotle Pork and potato bake

Beef chilli and rice

Some sort of soup

Cheese and bacon quesadillas

I am doing a Pampered Chef show so it will be something quick.

Not sure about weekend plans as yet. Hopefully my new kitchen will be getting fitted!

Thanks to Mrs M for hosting the Meal Plan. Pop on over and have a look




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