Heat Holders – The Review

Socks?? I hear you say.
A review on socks??
Why yes. But these aren’t just any socks. These are heat holders. The Ferrari of all socks.


If you are braving the weather we are, up in Scotland, and I think we all are. These are the socks for you.

In the past I have bought thermal socks and in the midst of a cold, welly wearing, evening walking the dog, I’ve thought to myself, why did I even bother? As they didn’t warm my feet in the slightest.
But these bad boys, well what can I say? My feet were toasty warm, not a cold toe in sight.


They come up mid calf so perfect welly height.
Mr N wasn’t beat pleased, as the monsters handed him the socks when they arrived and said for you daddy. Until I swiftly removed them from his vice grip hands. I did let him try one in for a whole 5 minutes and he was impressed. I am forever buying him thermal socks as he works outside a lot of the time. I am going to have to invest in a pair or two if these for him.

Our weather in chilly Edinburgh

Overall I think these are fantastic and well worth the money, you can get them from Matalan for £6.
I noticed the thickness of the socks straight away and couldn’t believe how soft they were inside.

The soft inside of the socks

Now for the technical part 😉

The socks work in a 3 stage process:

1. Extra heavy bulky yarn, that has excellent thermal qualities
2. Long pile cushioning, adds comfort and support, which is a major factor in increasing the toy rating.
3. Intense brushing process, inside of the socks have been intensively brushed and holds more warm air close to the skin. Keeping feet warmer for longer.

So it’s all win.
We got sent a pair of black Heat Holders, they are available in a range of colours, including pink.

I was sent a pair of black Heat Holders for the purpose of this review.
All opinions are my own


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