Meal Planning Monday – 21 January

We missed last weeks Meal Plan, as I was bogged down with a sickness bug and didn’t do much eating!  The monsters have though, and the amount they have eaten this week I have they have done the eating for me.  I am in shock at the amount they have filled their little boots with.  Growth spurt I thinks!

This weeks Meal Plan is coming to you from Rosemary Conley’s Low Fat Cookbook.  This was a random pick from my freind Jo, over at mummysknee.  Sent her a text telling her to pick from 1-10, as I couldnt decide what one to cook from!

As normal, they recipes are adapted to suit my Slimming World plan.

Monday – Cottage Pie with Leek and Potato topping

Tuesday – Chicken Korma and rice.  From what I remember the last time I made this, it was a winner

Wednesday – Smoked Ham and Chicken Jambalaya.  Its meant to be prawns, but I am not too keen on them, so have swapped it for chicken

Thursday – Herby Meat Loaf

Friday – Smoked Haddock and Corn Chowder.  Made with delicious, fresh fish from John at Delish Fish

Saturday – Going to have a relaxed dinner of Chicken Fajitas, not in the RC cookbook!

Sunday – We are having the Mr’s mum and dad down for dinner so going to do a fab Pampered Chef recipe – Haggis Ring.  Not tried it before and really looking forward to it!

Once again thank you to Mrs M for hosting the Meal Plan Monday, pop on over and see what she has cooking, and don’t forget to tell her where you came from.

Delish fish, provide a fab service of freshly caught fish to your door, you won’t get fresher!  If you are popping on over, let me know where you heard about them.




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