Confessions of a Not so Mad Mummy

This week you’ll notice the change of title and that’s because for some weirdly unusual reason, my monsters (mainly the eldest) have been quite helpful this week!
I know, seems wrong doesn’t it!

I have been fairly unwell this week, struck down with a sickness bug 😦 since Sunday, and it’s still sticking around. Showing no signs of going anywhere.
My mini man has been a great wee help. I put Lolly down for a nap in Monday and asked Junior if he wanted to cuddle in and play. He said play, naturally but then he gave me a cuddle told me to get cosy and that he would check on me. And that he did.
He checked on me 3 times in a couple of hours. Each time giving me a kiss and cuddle and telling me to cosy in and keep warm.
He’s my wee superstar.

Lolly, on the other hand, as taken over chief monster role this week. And done everything she possible could to drive me batty. Ranging from breaking into my kitchen cupboard and eating sweets, eating my slimming world snacks, eating toothpaste, to name but a few.
But Lolly knows her get out clause, that’s to give you a huge great grin, flutter her great big eyelashes (they are huge and I’m just jealous) and point to her eye, her chest then me. Saying as she goes “I. Love. You. ”
She’s a smart wee cookie, they Both are.

And that is why I am a not so mad mummy this week.



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