The Things Kids Say


I am writing this blog Inbetween fits of laughter, as my mini man has just came out with another sentence, that you could not script!

I was folding my clothes and he handed me my bra saying “mummy is this for your treasure?” I was rather puzzled and asked what treasure he was on about. His reply, “that’s your treasure there. Your boobies”
I could not stop laughing. More to the point I think I need words with daddy!

What have your mini monsters came out with?

I was told, anonymously, about this corker.
We were having a Chinese for dinner one night and my husband had some spring rolls. He had one on his plate when my eldest son came over, poked at it and asked “why is your willy on your plate daddy?”

I would have been in stitches at that!

Can you beat that?



One comment

  1. My little sister who was about 6 at the time once asked me “why if there is no one on the beach dont they turn the waves off?” Precious! Now she is a miserable, bitchy 20+ woman…go figure.

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