Confessions of a Mad Mummy

This week I have been seriously thinking about hiring a bouncer for the mornings.
My 2 monsters have done nothing but fight with each other every other day or so. And it’s driving me nuts.
Do they not know they are upsetting my morning routine? The one I dream about that consists of complete calmness and no running away from me when trying to get them dressed. Oh and not forgetting the part where they eat all the breakfast without trying to feed it to the dog!

If you were in my house now, sat watching them. You would never believe me! As they are playing nicely together, helping each other and Junior is showing Lolly how to play his robot game that Santa gave him.
In fact, I’m even wondering if its all real or just a nightmare!?
I’m sure I will be reassured tomorrow morning that its not a nightmare and in fact real.

So if there are any bouncers looking for work, please get in touch! Thanks.



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