Meal Plan Monday – 7 Jan 2013


Welcome to my first meal plan of 2013!
The aim of the game is to be healthy as we can be (99% of the time anyway) with a treat here or there.

I am starting back at Slimming World tonight and get back on track with shedding the weight.
The meal plan will also be quite frugal as we are trying to save money, bills to pay and a wedding to save for, so will be using up food in freezer and cupboard.

Quorn ginger and chilli fillets with roast potatoes and veg.
These will be quick and easy as I have weigh in.

Pork of some kind. We have some pork fillets in the freezer, not quite sure what to do with them yet

Chilli and wedges with salad

The Hairy Dieters easy crispy chicken. This is a firm favourite and is so simple and quick to make. Tasty too!

Joe’s pork and chilli burger with chips and salad.

I am working all day 8-7 (boo hiss!) so will make a pot of soup on Friday ready to heat up when I come in

Again I am working today 😦 this time a split shift (8-11 then 4.30-7) so will have soup once home

Thanks to Mrs M for hosting the meal planning Monday.
Pop along and have a look 🙂 and let her know who sent you.



  1. The Hairy Dieters fell out of favour with me for substituting pasta for leeks in their lasagne….. however that crispy chicken might win me back over 😉 Hope SW goes well, I think we are all on a health kick at the moment, certainly going by other MPM posts!!!

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