Starbucks Verismo Review


When I was offered the chance to review the Starbucks Verismo coffee machine, I jumped at the chance.
We do love coffee in this house.

The machine is sleek, modern and would fit in any kitchen. It doesn’t take up much space either and fitted in well next to my other gadgets.
And at £149, it’s mid-range price amongst other coffee machines.

It works with pods, like most machines these days, and is easy to use. Pop in the milk pod, press the bottom button (there are 3) wait until its done then pop in the coffee pod and press the top button, and within minutes you have your Caffe Latte.

One problem I found was that after you’ve made your coffee, before you could make the next one, be it 10 minutes or 10 hours later, the Verismo wanted you to rinse the machine.
It doesn’t take long and is hygienic, I’ll give it that, but when you forget to rinse and end up with the milk pos wasted (I did twice!) it did get a bit frustrating.

Overall we liked the machine and would recommend it to family and friends as its great value for money.
The pods for the machine are £5.49 or £5.99.
Each packet has 6 servings. So not too pricey, again I would say mid-range in pricing.

I have one recommendation and that is to have pods for hot chocolate, that for me would put the chocolate on the cappuccino.

The Starbucks Verismo’s are available from Selfridges, 200 Starbucks stores nationwide and from

Well worth taking a look at 🙂

We were sent the Verismo for a period of time to test and review. All opinions are our own


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