Confessions of a Mad Mummy

Over the last week or so my littlest monster Lolly hasn’t been sleeping too well. She has been getting up in the middle of the night, coming through for a cuddle so she says, them deciding to bounce all over my bed.
She has been unsettled at night since she has a bad dose of the cold, where all she wanted to do was cuddle in.

My sister visited just before Christmas and as we have no spare beds. She slept on an air bed in the living room. Now this got me thinking!
Maybe I could sleep on the air bed? Just for one night, to let me get a full nights sleep?!?
What would the monsters do, traipsing into my bed and me not being in it?
Junior would no doubt just climb in and go to sleep where lolly would either jump up and down in it or scream blue murder.

What would you do for a full nights sleep?



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