We have been trying to decide on our honeymoon plans for next year.
And I need help!!
We just don’t know what to do/where to go.

There are a few options and we have the benefit of the in laws looking after the monsters for a week and we had originally planned for us to go away abroad the first week ourselves then the second week the monsters and in laws would come out for a week.

The next option is for us to go abroad a week ourselves and come home.
Or we can head to a hotel for a couple nights then go abroad in the September time. It doesn’t even have to be abroad (would be nice though) and could be somewhere like Centre Parcs, as we love it there.

People have said to us not to go abroad with the monsters as it will be too got for them. But it depends where we go.

So help me please! As we will need to book it soon lol.



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