Twinkl Review

I was asked if I would like to do a review on Twinkl, an online learning resources website and I jumped at the chance.
I sometimes lack inspiration to come up with some educational yet fun activities for my monsters, especially when, in typical Scottish style, it’s raining cats and dogs outside.
And Twinkl helped me alleviate a fair whack of the monsters boredom being cooped up inside.

One of my favourite parts of the website is the Behaviour Management section, especially the rewards area. Junior loved to get a certificate and we are abot to print off the reward bookmarks, fantastoc idea!, to help Junior progress more with his reading.
His favourite resource from Twinkl has been The About Me section. We have had fun completing the My Family activity and Junior said the My Body was ‘Awesome!’

Lolly has just turned 2 so we tried the basic counting and vocab areas, she counts to 20 and shouts ‘Yay’ and claps. I think its fair enough to say she enjoys the activities.

If you have a look on the web I am sure it may be possible to come across the odd free learning resource, with Twinkl it is all under the one roof, you don’t have to jump from site to site, another great positive for me.
It costs £29.99 to have premium access for a whole year for the whole site! I think this is great value for money, you just need to look at how many different activities, learning sheets, etc, that are available on the site, and that there are new ones put on regularly.

I found the site easy to navigate around and and always found what I was looking for without too much hard work.
I even let the Mr have a go on it, and believe me he isn’t the most patient of people, he said for him it was easy enought to find good activities for the monsters. For him to say that just backs up my view of being easy to use lol.

Twinkle does have some free resources without having to pay £29.99, but I think you would be mad not to. You can’t put a price onto the benefits of learning resources for children and I would quite gladly pay when it helps bring my children on.

The next time I visit the Mother In Law, I am going armed with my Twinkl details, she is a Nursery Teacher, and will get a review from the nursery she works at on this.

I would highly recommend this for parents and teachers.

Head over to Twinkland take a look for yourself.

I was given a premium membership to test and review the resources avaialble.
All opinions are our own.


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