New Years Aims

Happy New Year!!

For many years I have made resolutions and never really stuck to them.
I recently read somewhere that we tend not to stick to our resolutions as we don’t know WHY we are doing them.

So this year I have kept mine fairly simple and I know why I want to stick to them.

1. To lose weight
I am doing this as I don’t feel comfortable within myself and haven’t for a while. My aim is to lose 3 stone by my wedding (in 18 months)

2. To be more money savvy
There have been a few times in 2012 that we have struggled with money so this year I aim to cut back where and when I can (any tips would be appreciated, what’s worked for you)

3. To have more family time
I love spending time with my wee family. There are times when we haven’t been able to, either me or Mr doing overtime, etc.

4. To have more date nights
The Mr and I don’t have much “us” time. So we have made a pact that we will have more date nights. This can be going out for dinner/cinema. Or even a film on TV with a nice homemade dinner.

So those are my little aims for this year.
What are yours??



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