Confessions of A Mad Mummy

We have had a horrendous time, this last week. All of us have been under the weather with every bug going (or so it felt!). 1 down with man flu, 1 down with the cold, 1 down with the cold and diarrhoea and myself with a throat infection.
Today with everyone on the mend, and hyper as a monster with a bellyful of sugar, mummy is starting to go a little mad.

We have tried our hands at everything I could think of today to tire the little monsters out, from baking to drawing, to jigsaws and on and on. And nothing’s working. Aaaarrggghh.
The only thing I have left is juniors swimming lesson this afternoon, I’m hoping that this tires the little buggar out.

With all the fighting, running , jumping going on today, I have not had a minutes peace to myself (not good as I’m still fighting off this blasted throat infection).
So, what’s a mummy to do?
Well, I started off trying to move to a different room from the monsters just even for 5 mins. Nope. Didn’t work. Within 2 minutes I had one coming in telling me “she won’t share” or “he pushed me”.
So I moved to the bathroom, again didn’t last long before they found my hidey hole (the bath with the shower curtain pulled).
I had one last resort, the Mr’s shed. I say shed, it’s huge. Think just a little bigger than the size of an average sized living room, perfect for hiding (we have a fridge in there full of beer, wine, etc) shame the Mr wasn’t about as I could have quite happily stayed in there.
I thought just 5 minutes in here will do. We also have a tumble dryer in here so could at least check on that.
And it’s like the little devils can read my mind, as they followed me around and watched me put my shoes on.

“Mummy is just checking the clothes are drying”
“Ok mummy we will help”

Cue smiley faces and shoes going on.

And we ended up playing in the garden with the snow falling. It was great and in the moment I felt a little bad at my previous intentions to run and hide from them :/
At this point we were all smiles and laughter.

Do you have a hidey hole from your monsters? Or is it just me?



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